Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

A traveler’s dream would be crossing out every item in their bucket list. That’s one of our dreams too! But can you do it without even having a proper list? 🙂 So we decided one day, to create our ultimate travel bucket list.

Going to different countries for nearly two years now, we’d never really created a list of our dream places or activities we want to try. SO LAME I know. When this blog came and seriously started to gain readers and followers, I told my husband that we should have at least a bucket list so we have something worth sharing to you guys. The conversation happened for a few nights while glued with our phones, so I guess it isn’t final. I’ll be updating this when we do a more sensible chat 🙂

Points underlined are already completed and will bring you to our travel stories.                                       

Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

  1. Visit 5 out of 7 wonders of the world

Taj Mahal metabagh

  1. Witness the Northern Lights of the Arctic – the Aurora Borealis, Iceland
  2. Explore the Grand Canyon, Arizona USA
  3. Stop at the Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Japan
  4. Boat ride along cherry blossom-lined canal, Kyoto Japan
  5. Visit the canals of Amsterdam
  6. Stay at Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali, Indonesia
  7. Snorkel in Maldives

Snorkel in Maldives

    1. Experience the inevitable charm of Prague, Czech Republic
    2. Stay in a water bungalow at Bora Bora, French Polynesia
    3. Ride the gondola in Venice, Italy
    4. Kayaking in Positano, Italy
    5. Relax at the beach of Koh Tao, Thailand
    6. Experience the Sagrada Familia at Barcelona, Spain
    7. Take a stroll in London
    8. Witness the tuscan sun in Florence, Italy
    9. Sunset in Santorini Greece
    10. Discover the secrets of the Cinque Terre Italy
    11. Unwind at Seychelles
    12. Go inside the pyramids of Egypt
    13. Discover Marrakesh, Morocco
    14. Get lost in the alleyways of Mykonos, Greece
    15. Photograph the darkness of the Sahara Desert
    16. Explore the city of love, Paris France
    17. Relax at Amanpulo Palawan, Philippines
    18. Get Romantic in Central Park, New York
    19. Enjoy a picnic at Yosemite Park, California
    20. Play with the penguins at Patagonia, Argentina


central park

Most of the item I believe seems to be like a dream. But we have a lifetime to fulfill it so I guess it is fine to dream BIG! 🙂 What’s your ultimate travel bucket list? We’d love to know!

Isn’t it fun crossing out an item in your travel bucket list? 🙂

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Absolute Wanderlust December 13, 2016 - 11:22 pm

Beautiful Santorini sunset shot! I’ve only done five of the things on your list but they all sound super amazing and I’d like to experience many of them myself! 🙂 My list is ever growing, I tick one thing off and then add another few, you know how it is!!

The Moment Keepers December 14, 2016 - 5:58 am

Thanks for visiting here! It’s good to know that you’ve done 5 of it, i guess most of the bucket lists are continue growing as there are so many beautiful places in this world, wishing to cross it out one at a time, happy travels and hope you can tick off your list too! 🙂

Frank December 12, 2016 - 7:59 am

Love that shot of Santorini. Nothing on the wish list for Sub-Saharan Africa? We spent 3 months in South Africa’s Cape region this year and it is one of the most beautiful parts of the world I’ve seen. Victoria Falls as well – I lived in Zambia for a few years as a kid and have always wanted to go back.
Really, there are so many incredible places that you could just keep adding and adding..

Frank (bbqboy)

The Moment Keepers December 12, 2016 - 8:11 am

Hey Frank! Thanks for visiting again. Never heard of that place but I’m checking your blog posts of Africa now and maybe we can add it to our growing list 🙂 Agree, there are so many awesome places to add here. Safe travels you two.

nadia November 2, 2016 - 9:52 am

Hi Jeremiah and Joanna! Nice list, you guys! It’s nice to dream, put your thoughts and aspirations in paper and then slowly experience them come true. I don’t have a bucket list, though – never had one. No special reason; I just think I change my mind a lot 😀

The Moment Keepers November 3, 2016 - 9:49 am

Hi Nadia, great to see you here! Thanks for visiting.
it takes two years for us to create a proper list! we’re actually the same, changing mind a lot of times :p
but lately, we discover a certain joy in writing one and gradually to cross it out before our hair grayed! 🙂
I’ve seen your blog and you’ve been to Taj Mahal!!! reading it now as we planned to go anytime soon 🙂
Happy travels Nadia!
– Joanna

Tanja October 28, 2016 - 1:34 pm

cool list

The Moment Keepers October 29, 2016 - 7:17 am

Thank you! have a good day! 🙂

Rechito October 26, 2016 - 3:59 am

You’re right, it’s such a great feeling to cross off items on my list! But, for everyone I accomplish, I add two more.
Safe travels!

The Moment Keepers October 26, 2016 - 5:23 am

Hi Rechito! Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂
It was indeed a great feeling! saw your blog, gosh! most of your travels are bucket list worthy 🙂 safe travels to you too!

Alison and Don October 26, 2016 - 12:56 am

What an awesome list! I hope you get to do them all. I’m thrilled to say I’ve already done almost all – or been to most of these places if not done the activity. In Positano we hiked instead of kayaking. We probably ate ice cream in Venice, we usually eat ice cream *everywhere* we can find it!
Some I did when I was your age, the rest since we sold our home and became nomadic five years ago. Here’s one thing you’ve probably already discovered – the more you empty the bucket the more it gets filled up again.
Here’s a little story about being inside the Great Pyramid #peakexperience
Our current broad list is: walk the Camino, Portugal, Prague, Eastern Europe, Africa and game parks, Japan/Taiwan/China
I know you’ll do everything on this list. Writing stuff down has an enormous power.
Happy travels

The Moment Keepers October 26, 2016 - 5:44 am

Hi Alison! Glad you like our bucket list.
Lucky you as you’ve completed most of the item. We need to reconsider hiking in Positano, but first let me ask my travel buddy as he wasn’t a fan of this activity :p We strongly agree with this – “the more you empty the bucket the more it gets filled up again” – hope we can find time as we’re working full time and of course the budget to do all of these! 🙂 message us when are you heading to Prague?
May your words become true in time. Thanks a lot for visiting our blog and for the lovely/golden words from experienced travelers like you two!
hope to bump into you two somewhere in the world! 🙂 Safe travels.
heading to your pyramid experience now!
– Joanna


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