Ultimate Staycation at Amwaj Rotana, JBR Dubai

Ultimate Staycation at Amwaj Rotana, JBR Dubai

There are hotel chains which are very influential that with a simple mention of its name needs no additional explanation. When it comes to Rotana hotels, most people come in with definite expectations of what this trademark represents. And when you say Amwaj Rotana, the anticipation is much higher as they are an institution in spoiling leisure and business travelers. They are considered to be at the top – one that is elegant, luxurious, and one with outstanding service.

Recently, we experience Amwaj Rotana’s 5 star luxurious facilities and taste their delightful restaurant cuisines through a 2 night staycation. And we got to try all this with their trademark hospitality in a festive ambiance. Hello Christmas and New Year holidays! We simply labeled it as our “Ultimate Staycation” as it was above the rest of stays we’ve experienced here in the UAE so far. Let us share you our stay experience and own impressions about the Rotana hotel which did not deviate from the insights of many.

The Location

Amwaj Rotana is perfectly located along the iconic The Walk and The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), where many retail shops and entertainment choices are situated. It is accessible by Dubai Metro Tram JBR Station 2 but we opted to bring a car when we checked in on a Thursday night. Though a lot of guest arrives, the attendants were so quick to valet park each car and happily assist everyone to the reception.

The Hotel Lobby

As soon as we get in the hotel, we were in great admiration of the place. Besides the sophisticated, well-lit and very spacious lobby, a huge Christmas Tree is placed in the middle complete with all holiday ornaments and decorations. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂 Their lobby was so grand that all people in the Atrium (the hotel’s lobby lounge) seem to be enjoying their cup of tea or coffee maybe.

Christmas Tree Rotana Hotel

As much as I wanted to join them and continue to be mesmerized by the Tree, we need to check in and have dinner first. A lovely lady checked us in and explained all the stay inclusions. It was so quick that we merely find ourselves riding one of their cool elevators. We love the Christmas carols playing inside the elevators! Oh Christmas feels! 🙂

Rotana Hotel Reception

The Room

Upon entering our Classic Sea View room (all rooms are sea view actually), I firstly checked the window and I’m super happy like a kid when I saw that there’s a balcony! My husband knows how I loved to spend time in any terrace with my coffee. From the balcony, I saw that the people are already chilling at Rosso restaurant.  I wonder what the view is in the morning. While the husband checked the bathtub first! As you’d probably know by now that this man spends more time at the bath tub 🙂 It was time for dinner that we went first to Rosso restaurant. Our lovely dining experience at this Italian restaurant will be up next, updated here.

Rosso - Amwaj Rotana Italian Resturant/Bar

Going back to our room, I must say that elegance is spelled out in every corner of the room. The dominant color of brown and dim lighting offers a call to a good night’s sleep.  Before I forgot, I’d like to mention that Amwaj Rotana was so sweet to give us a welcome gift in a pretty box. Is there any better way to welcome than this? 🙂

Amwaj Rotana Hotel

I love how our slippers are laid neatly beside the bed and a bottle of water suitably in each bedside table. Amwaj Rotana strongly proves their attention to details. Note that photos of the room are taken in the afternoon as we forgot to take in the evening. We have an abundant and tasty dinner, great time at Rosso’s and the bed was so comfortable and inviting that we fell asleep in no time!

Amwaj Rotana Hotel Room

The 42 square-metre spacious room is said to be the largest rooms among the hotels along Jumeirah Beach Residence! Yes, I did my research for you guys 🙂 The layout and design elements were heavily geared to be functional. It has a working desk and a separate long sofa with table where we watched the Storks animated movie in the afternoon from our laptop. If you didn’t bring yours, there’s a large screen TV with a lot of functioning channels. For every Rotana property we stayed in, the husband is always fond of seeing his name in the screen. Amwaj is no exception 🙂 Talk about personal touch.

Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai

Besides the usual complimentary tea/coffee and water, a complimentary fruit platter and a mix of nuts and dried fruits are also provided by the hotel. The minibar here was fully equipped with snacks, chocolates and overflowing drinks. There’s a first aid kit too. Something that I haven’t seen in other hotels we stayed in.

The bathroom was equally lavish as the room. The hotel had no problem providing complete toiletries generously as there was a second set placed in the shower area. An adjustable music volume was mounted just beside the mirror. I love how the hotel provides two bathrobes, spacious closet complete with ironing set and in-room safe.

Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai

Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai
Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai

With the complimentary WIFI connection, we can’t help but rave about how fast is the connection. It seems like anywhere we are except inside the elevators of course. We are connected as seen in our timely updates with our IG stories 🙂

Amwaj Rotana Hotel, JBR Dubai

Morning came and with a good sleep, we happily checked our balcony view. And gosh! The curves of the swimming pool in a well landscaped ground, the endless sea of Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah, the sky, minus the ongoing construction of the Dubai Eye (set to be the world’s largest Ferris wheel). It was a fantastic view!

Buffet Breakfast at Horizon

Breakfast was served at Horizon, Amwaj Rotana’s all day dining restaurant. The spread was extensive with the usual suspects, cold & hot mezze items, salad section, bread and cereals, live egg omelette cooking station, soups, cheeses and pastries, pancakes, fruits, bacon and other standard breakfast items.  It’s more of Western and some Middle Eastern cuisines.

Horizon - All Day Dining RestaurantHorizon - All Day Dining RestaurantHorizon - All Day Dining Restaurant Horizon - All Day Dining RestaurantHorizon - All Day Dining Restaurant

What made it different with other hotels here in Dubai was there’s actually rice! Pulao rice was available during the first breakfast and Nasi Goreng on second day. We are pleased to note that some from their breakfast offerings change on the second day. This is relevant for long-stayers. Imagine if you had to eat the exact same breakfast for days on end!

Horizon, All Day Dining RestaurantHorizon, All Day Dining Restaurant Horizon, All Day Dining Restaurant Horizon, All Day Dining Restaurant Horizon, All Day Dining Restaurant

The Facilities

Aside from the fact that there’s a salon inside the hotel, yes a salon ladies! The hotel facilities are just as impressive as the rooms. After our hearty breakfast, we went to check out Amwaj Rotana’s Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club which are all integrated in third floor. We started with the gym just for curiosity ok, as we don’t want to dissolve our food from last nights over eating at Rosso :p

Gym JBR Dubai

Their gym is super spacious and well-stocked with the latest training gears, several equipment and treadmills. The difference of their gym from the others are the fitness instructors available to support. We learned that members can use the gym for a certain time while inhouse guests can use it 24 hours. And if you feel like detoxifying your body, they have a steam, sauna, jacuzzi or destress and with their array of massages and treatments.

We haven’t really tried to do all the wellness treat as we chose to relax in the comfort of our room, siesta by the balcony with stunning views, a good movie after, ah! Staycation never been this good! Then we took a walk to the Jumeirah beach which is a few steps away from the hotel with direct beach access from Amwaj Rotana. But the beach water was cold that we chose to return and take a dip in their temperature-controlled pool. My only complain was the 1.5 meters deep! My short legs cannot touch the pool tile and I can’t swim! Ended up crawling at the side only while the husband enjoyed his floating time! For families, you don’t have to worry with your kids as there’s a separate pool for them. Lifeguard is always on stand by and when hunger strikes you, a pool bar is also available.

Amwaj Rotana Pool Amwaj Rotana Pool Amwaj Rotana Pool

The Walk and The Beach

The hotel location is undeniably perfect. Being in the iconic Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR, you don’t really want to leave the area as everything that you might need is here! Retail shops, restaurants, food stalls, running tracks, entertainment options like water sports, movie cinemas, kids playground, carnival, atm machines, pharmacies, restrooms, As in everything!

After our pool session and shower, we opted to have lunch outside and explore the famous The Walk and The Beach. There were many things to do in the area and here are some that we did – (1) eat (2) take Instagram worthy shots like the one with the graffiti wall design (3) watch the birds, the sea and the sunset while sitting by the green grounds.

JBR The Walk JBR The Walk

JB’s – Amwaj Rotana’s Gastropub

In the evening, we tried the hotel’s Gastropub, JB’s which serves American and British menu. We totally enjoyed our dining experience here and I’d gladly share it in a separate post, updated here 🙂

JBs Gastropub JBR

The Staff

The staff from Amwaj Rotana live up to its trademark hospitality. We saw how the hotel is bustling with guests, may it be business or leisure travelers. It only proves that many choose to stay with them. And I’m telling you, they have the best service we’ve ever experienced among the hotels we’ve stayed in to date! The staff really went out of their way to make our stay an enjoyable and comfortable one.

Amwaj Rotana Staff Amwaj Rotana Staff

Amwaj Rotana Staff Amwaj Rotana Staff

From the warm welcome at the reception, prompt response from the housekeeping, friendly staff at all the restaurant/bar we’ve tried, quick changing of plates and cutlery, questions of asking if we’re enjoying our food or if we need anything else, warm smile greetings every time they bumped into us – these are the little things that add up to the great ultimate staycation experience we had. They pay attention to the little details and it is out of those details that they bring added convenience to guests. Of course the luxurious facilities, elegant room with the fantastic view, delicious cuisines was nothing to complain about either. Together, these create the best lasting impression to us that we will certainly keep.

Overall Stay

We can genuinely say that we had a very relaxing staycation as we don’t feel like leaving anymore. The photos won’t lie and my jump shot 🙂 this hotel is definitely one of the best places in the UAE to consider if a staycation is on your mind and you foresee yourself spending a lot of time in the hotel itself. And for tourists coming to Dubai and planning to stay in Amwaj Rotana hotel, let me warn you now – with the many things to do here, you may end up staying in during your entire trip!

To Make a Reservation

You may visit their website for more information or follow them in their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as they always run promotions and fun contests.

*Thanks to the wonderful team of Amwaj Rotana for hosting us, opinions as always are entirely our own.

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Agness of Fit Travelling March 24, 2017 - 8:48 pm

This hotel seems amazing, Jeremiah and Joanna! I would love to visit Dubai!

The Moment Keepers March 25, 2017 - 1:19 pm

You should visit Dubai Agness, you’ll surely love it 🙂

A long way from Wales... December 31, 2016 - 1:51 pm

I’ll have to try this one out! 🙂

The Moment Keepers January 11, 2017 - 12:11 pm

You should when you visit Dubai 🙂

Joy Generoso December 18, 2016 - 7:14 am

You guys been to a lot of staycations lately. I’m so jealous! I really want to enjoy one unfortunately husband don’t have any breaks for now and vacation were already consumed. Can’t wait for 2017 hahaha. I love how spacious the room is. Surely your experience was amazing! 🙂

The Moment Keepers December 18, 2016 - 8:44 am

Hi Joy! Dubai got a lot of beautiful hotels like Amwaj Rotana, and we felt like a need for some chill time after our India trip, beach and really good food. We read good reviews of this Rotana property and they have promotions ongoing so when you guys are free, I would suggest to stay here for that ultimate staycation too! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

Joy Generoso December 19, 2016 - 5:16 am

I will definitely check it out. We’re targeting April, hopefully we can find good airline deals. 🙂

The Moment Keepers December 20, 2016 - 6:45 am

Hope you can find airline deals and visit Dubai! so many new attractions here 🙂


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