Tresind’s New Winter Menu at Nassima Royal Hotel

Tresind’s New Winter Menu at Nassima Royal Hotel

Have you ever experienced seeing a food that is so pretty and you don’t want to eat nor touch it so not to break its gorgeousness? That’s exactly what we’ve experienced at Tresind Restaurant of Nassima Royal (a 5 star hotel) at Sheikh Zayed road. Perhaps, this restaurant owns the crown of being the finest dining space with Indian cuisines.

Our recent preview of the restaurant’s new winter menu can justify. And it comes in perfect timing just before our trip to India – a country that is bursting with interesting cuisines and of course for the winter holidays to spend with family and friends. Let me share you the most unforgettable dining experience we had so far in Dubai in one of the most talked restaurants in town! 🙂

The Ambiance

We we’re courteously greeted by the staff and ushered to our table. Our spot was facing a stunning view of the lively Sheikh Zayed Road. The spacious layout and elegant look of the restaurant allows a relaxed ambiance to come through. Tresind’s atmosphere certainly sets the stage. I must say that factors such as soft music, dim lighting, artwork and spacing are taken into great attention as it creates comfort and intimacy to diners.

The Food and Menu

To cook great tasting food is an art of its own but to affect someone from a dish look and taste is something truly exceptional. That’s how every dish in Tresind was presented to us! I must say that all of it was perfectly plated and carefully planned. Not only to impress each diner but to give its highest quality in taste and presentation. We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the restaurant’s unique techniques in presenting dishes and we’re so glad to finally try it. No wonder why they won plenty of awards like the Best Indian Restaurant in UAE by BBC Good Food Middle East.

A welcome note was handed to us with some kind of mystical mist poured in over our table and cascades like clouds creating a fragrant scent which we found really amazing! What could be a better way to start than this? 🙂

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai


Then we we’re asked which drink we’d like to have where we opted for mocktails. The staff asked questions about our dietary preference or any food allergies, you’d probably know how this people care so much about their guests. Since we cannot decide which drink to have, the staff said he’ll surprise us. And he’s absolutely right! We’re surprised with how awesome the mocktails are, in terms of presentation and taste! 🙂 I had Lavender Blast and the husband had Berry Blast.

Deconstructed Pani Puri

After that came the popular Indian street food Deconstructed Pani Puri which is made live in front of you dip in some mixture and water then served with boondi and tamarind chutney. As advised, take it in one shot and we did. It is soft, sweet and a little tangy – a burst of flavour which we like and made us feel we’re being transported to India!

Chaat Platter

As it was our first time to dine-in at Tresind, they let us try their famous modernist chaat platter. It wasn’t a part of the new winter menu but these guys are generous and so ready to amaze us! 🙂 It started off by freezing the Indian vegetarian snack called “Dhokla” in nitrogen oxide with a temperature of – 190 degree Celsius. While the dhokla is freezing, the server starts preparing the dish using sweet tamarind chutney, mint chutney, sweet curd and spices then well garnished. The entertaining part was when the dhokla broken into pieces on the trolley 🙂 The taste was wonderful and not so spicy! They will ask for your spice preference beforehand.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Kadak Pao

Then the “Kadak Pao” with tomato salsa came in quick. This dish represents a traditional cooking style as the ingredients are pounded upfront in a pestle and mortar. It served with buns and Indian hummus.  Top it either way to taste a delightful Mexican-like salsa puree twisted with flavors of India 🙂

Wild Mushroom Chai

Another menu that’s not part of the new winter menu but Tresinds’ wants to spoil us so they let us try a part of the old menu. It’s made of dehydrated mushroom, boiled water from mushroom and truffle milk powder as explained by the staff. This mushroom soup served in tea cups is delicious and calming, perfect for winter!

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Baked Burrata Salad with Coriander Pesto

The dish absolutely caught the husband’s picky taste buds when it comes to greens. Given this fact, people who know him would say that it really tastes good! I’m not sure if this was really an Indian cuisine, maybe because of the coriander pesto? Whatever it is, we love the fact that there’s something like this in the new winter menu.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Roasted Baby Corn

Another street food inspired menu came, the baby corn which was roasted on charcoals in front of you, of course.  We know that street foods are comforting and warm. I guess it will be a favorite this winter season as the corn tastes exquisite with all those spices and the smell of it was warmth and appealing. Don’t worry about the charcoal ash as it’s protected by a glass screen. Again, the plating was perfectly presented with garnish of baby radish (everything seem to be a baby in this dish! Haha) lemon butter sauce and other twists.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Seabass Patrapoda

The first meat meal that was not vegetarian but still healthy – the Seabass Patrapoda. It was presented in a small grill. The dish looks mysterious at first as it was covered by curry leaf chutney. While covered we can smell the aroma of the seabass combined with coconut flavour. And when the fish was unwrapped, the husband take 3 gulps!haha. Can’t blame him as the dish looks delicious and more when we tasted it! It was accompanied by banana chips. Best thing was the fish doesn’t have bones! 🙂

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Vegetarian Lamb Chops

When the dish came in the table, we thought “Ah ok , here’s the unhealthy meat!” but we’re totally wrong as the lamb chops was actually vegetarian. Yes, you read it right! It has a lotus stem at the end accompanied by roasted potato and an awesome sauce. The taste was absolutely perfect but we will not lie, by this time we felt a bit stuffed so we just took a bite of it.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Palette Cleanser

Before the mains, we were given a Sorbet made called Khadvi which is treated as a Palette Cleanser. It comes in a small wooden oval container. It’s like frozen yogurt taste minty a bit sweet. Now, we’re ready for the mains!

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Murgh Zamin Doz

When the Murgh Zamin Doz was put on our table, the husband excitedly told me – here comes the chicken! Haha :p We were informed that the dish has been cooked traditionally for a number of hours. We can understand how the chicken was super soft. Mixed with a blend of yogurt, masala and other spices to create a flavorsome gravy to add onto the chicken. Complemented with mash potato, the taste was insanely delicious and a little spicy.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Birbal Ki Khichdi

Perhaps this menu was the most instagrammable among all dish presented to us. Check the restaurant’s Instagram and you can see a lot of people raving about it! You know why? Besides the great presentation, the Birbal Ki Khichdi was perfectly created with 48 ingredients by Chef Himanshu – the Chef that everyone’s talking about because of his never ending awards and creative skills. Each of the ingredients are added one by one in the rice and lentil mixture to create a uniform and unique taste!

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Pressure Cooked Chicken Stew with Zaatar Arabic Bread

Another perfect dish for the winter was the pressure cooked chicken stew which comes with the Zaatar Arabic bread. Though we really feel like having a food coma by this time, we cannot say no to the smell of it! But we find the sauce soggy for our taste. Maybe it really depends on your personal liking. Or maybe we’re too stuffed by this time?


Our favorite part came, the tasting of desserts. The new winter menu presented 4 options. First was the Jalebi wrapped in paper and offered in a traditional scale with weights on the side. It was crispy, perfectly caramelized and heavenly delicious.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Next was the Sheer Khurma placed neatly in a nest of vermicelli pudding made from katafi pastry, dulce pannacotta and saffron gel. The taste was unimaginable, sweet and my favorite among the 4 desserts!

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Next in line was the Ghewar Mille Feuille inspired by a French pastry and served with pistachio mousse, raspberries, lychee and rose sorbet, the husband’s choice. It was too beautiful to eat. As he said, it was like heaven dissolves in his mouth 🙂

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

The last dessert was the Paan flavoured cotton candy which placed in a mini bus with all the pretty flowers. Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy this one.

Tresind Indian Restaurant Dubai

Staff and Service

Service is not forced and neither is a vibrant atmosphere. Every staff who presented each dishes are warm and attentive. All questions asked by the diners are answered politely with warm smiles. Something made us feel very at home. Small details like changing of cutlery and plates, table cleaned after each course are done attentively. The restaurant manager also came to our table to seek for feedback. Despite the fact that the restaurant is full of diners (we visited on a weekend), the restaurant staff made sure everyone’s feel comfortable and will enjoy the dining experience.

Overall Experience

From the French adjective “Tres” meaning “very” and “Ind” and abbreviation for India, the restaurant name means Very India. It is indeed an exclusive concept of serving traditional Indian cuisines with a twist in a fine dining approach. Great ambiance and view, perfect presentation of each dishes, lovely plating, attention to details, insanely delicious food, attentive and helpful staff, what more can I say? Certainly, it’s one unique dining experience to remember and to share with friends and family.

For Reservations

Sharing menu is available for lunch and dinner daily and costs AED 500 for two people (approx.)
They also have a new lunch menu for AED99++.

Phone: 04 448 9523
Hours:  Lunch is from 12pm – 3:30pm  |  Dinner is from 6:30pm – 11:30pm
Location: Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

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*Thank you so much Tresind and team!

*We were invited by Tresind. However, all opinions are our own.

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