Thai-Chinese Themed Night at Kris with a View, Park Regis Dubai

Thai-Chinese Themed Night at Kris with a View, Park Regis Dubai

With a good impression of the delightful Pan Asian night dinner we had during our staycation at Park Regis Kris Kin hotel, we expect nothing but the best with the newly launch Thai-Chinese themed night. Being offered in the multi-cuisine restaurant of the hotel – Kris with a View, I can’t help but become more excited as you know that the restaurant is one of the few in Dubai with 360 degree views of the city. Then Monday night came, only a few steps from our home we find ourselves taking again the elevator to the 19th floor of the hotel.

Kris with a View offers different themed buffet every night except Saturday and Sunday. They offer Ochi Sushi on Tuesday, Seafood every Wednesday, Pan Asian on Thursday and Indian/Malaysian every Friday. They also have Taste of Asia Friday brunch. Now they offer Thai-Chinese themed night buffet every Monday for only AED 145. Let me take you to our dining experience at Kris with a View 🙂

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The use of dim lights, hard wood tables and brown chairs depicts an elegant look of the restaurant. Any visitor would find a suitable space as the seating areas cater all types of guest: couples, family, business meetings. We had the best spot by the window where we can gaze with the unobstructed views of Dubai! While having our buffet dinner, the beautiful atmosphere is enhanced by the Chef and staff who visited each table presenting the dishes! It was a smart concept that really amazed us. It was so fun to watch them preparing the food. There were a total of 4 dishes presented in a timely manner.

Kris With a View of Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai

Kris with a view

business area

Kris with a view

Food and Menu

After ordering our choice of cocktails from their wide selection of beverages – fresh juices, cocktails, mocktails, wines, we headed straight to our main agenda. Just like any buffet that we’ve tried, we used to walk around first and checked all the menu options. The selections are impressive with stations of soup, appetizers, salads, desserts, fruits, one station for main courses served in hot claypots which is beautifully arranged and another set of main courses in one area.

There’s a live station where you can choose the ingredients for your seafood, beef or chicken mix vegetable.  Though we’ve seen this before, it is worth to mention that they offer more ingredients and sauces to choose from than other usual buffet. You can really expect that you had the best dish according to your liking.

Appetizer and Soup

Starting off with the appetizer choices of lemongrass fish skewers, prawn cakes and pandan chicken which we tried all, the pandan chicken wins my heart as it’s juicy and tasty. I think they marinated it for a long time. The husband like all as usual :p Then I had crab and corn soup and tom yam gai soup for him which are very comforting.

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

prawn cakes


Healthy eaters will surely rejoice with the many variety of salad here. It’s not your usual make your own salad but authentic dishes from Thailand and China which are carefully placed in banana leaves. The adornment of different colored umbrellas was very Chinese making it more looks traditional. Salad choices from the Monday themed night are: seafood salad, chinese pickles, crispy fried kangkong, sesame chicken, thai beef salad, vegetable spring roll, crispy sesame tofu salad, pomelo and grapefruit. Trying a little from each one, I like the thai beef salad, sesame chicken and seafood salad most while the husband didn’t bother to try any as you’d know he’s not a fan of vegetables :p

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Dishes Served on the Table

The first dish served on our table was the lob salad with the choice of sticky rice (black or white). We asked for all ingredients to mix in the salad except the chilli. Note that most of the offered dishes are a bit spicy as you’d expect from Thailand. Second dish served after some time was the sea of dumplings (my favorite)! There were like 6 or 7 choices of dumplings but we liked the seafood, chicken bun, chicken with mushroom and broccoli the most. Then the pecking duck came after we had our main course. The most exciting part for me was the last dish which was served after we had our desserts – the halo halo!  For those who don’t know what a halo-halo is, it’s a mixture of several fruits and sweets with ice and condensed milk.

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

lob salad with black sticky rice

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

dumplings overload!

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

pecking duck

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Live Station

Moving on to the next, from the live station I had picked the ingredients to put in our vegetable mix. I picked beef, fish, seafood, mushroom, some veggies and when I asked Chef Yadu which one is the best sauce (not spicy) he picked the dried scallops sauce. I thought it would taste unusual because I mix the meat with fish and seafood but surprisingly, it taste absolutely good because of the sauce unified all the ingredients! Good job Chef 🙂

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Main Course

With the main course options they had thai steamed fish, mapo eggplant, szechuan chicken, poo pad gong garee, chicken hokkien noodles, thai pineapple fried rice, thai chow fried rice and beef pad see ew. I gave the power to taste each one to my dear husband and he loved the Szechuan chicken, steamed fish partnered with chow fried rice. He had two rounds of these set :p From the hotpots, I liked the kaeng phed ped yang, gang kiew wan gai and thai basil beef.

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View


Even though we barely have any room for desserts, the mouth-watering sight of it made us sure to try most. Choices from cakes, pudding, custard, fruits and other options are presents. For pudding they had sago with tapioca, sago with coconut and sago with sweet potato. My favorite would be the pandan creme brulee and black rice with pandan custard. While the husband loves the options with mango.

Thai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a ViewThai Chinese Themed Night, Kris with a View

Staff and Service

The staff at Kris with a View restaurant are one of the best people we’ve met here in Dubai. They have the same kind and professional treatment with every guest “invited” or not. Some other restaurants sadly, have a different approach to guest especially in a city like Dubai with multi nationalities. From the time we came until we leave the place, we felt most welcome and all our needs are well taken care of. In every dining experience, it’s the most vital thing we’re looking for in a restaurant – the service and the staff. They’re quick in changing plates, visit you from time to time to check how’s the food or if we need anything else, very attentive, alert at all times as there’s a moment when I forgot to take a spoon for the soup, in no time one staff handed it to me. Everything they did with a smile, how lovely is that? Undoubtedly, they made our second visit the same incredible experience as the first one. Thank you guys!


Overall Experience

With the addition of the smart concept where food was presented right on the table, many delicious dishes to choose from, hot pots, the ever beautiful view  of the city, warm yet professional staff and a cheaper price as compared with the other available themed night buffet – it was certainly one of the best buffet we’ve tried in town. The newly launch Thai-Chinese themed night every Monday will surely be a favorite of diners.

For Reservations

Price of Monday Thai-Chinese Themed Night Buffet is AED145.

Telephone:       +971 4 377 1111 or       Toll Free: 800 7171
Restaurant Timing:         7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Location:                             Opposite Burjuman Centre, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Restaurant Website:
Hotel Website:        

*We were invited by the restaurant, however all opinions are our own.

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nadia March 27, 2017 - 8:48 am

The dessert presentation of these restaurants always amaze me! The chefs here are truly talented. Excellent review and photography.

The Moment Keepers March 30, 2017 - 9:39 am

yes Nadia! They’re really talented and also kind. Thank you for the compliments, made our day! 🙂

Adrian Evans Photographer March 26, 2017 - 11:52 am

Awesome, thanks for sharing. I stayed at burj al arab many years ago and enjoyed a dinner at their underwater restaurant, unfortunately the photos were lost – guess i need a re-visit 🙂

The Moment Keepers March 30, 2017 - 9:41 am

Hi Adrian! You’re so lucky to stay at the 7 star hotel! sounds like a great experience. Maybe you’re right, you need to revisit. Especially now that Dubai has a lot of new attractions like the Water Canal, Parks and Resorts, IMG World. Give us a heads up when you plan to 🙂

Joy Generoso March 26, 2017 - 6:58 am

I love Thai food! The food looks exquisitely delightful and mouthwatering. I can’t help it but literally drooling staring at these pictures. Hahaha! <3

The Moment Keepers March 30, 2017 - 9:43 am

Kami din! We loved Thai food! If only I can eat more spice every day, haha. You have to try it when you still have the time on your visit next week! YAY! See you!!! 🙂


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