Tawasy Restaurant and Grill, DFC Dubai Festival City Mall

Tawasy Restaurant and Grill, DFC Dubai Festival City Mall

It’s been ages since we last visited Dubai Festival City Mall or commonly known to locals and expats with its abbreviated form – DFC which houses the IKEA brand, Hyper Panda (supermarket), shops, restaurants and more. We’re surprised to see a lot of new shops, dining options and a new attraction. The fire, light and water show which opened last December 2016. We saw the colorful dancing fountain right after the sunset then headed to our main agenda – to try the Arabic food at Tawasy Restaurant and Grill.

About Tawasy

TAWASY Restaurant & Grill introduces an extensive menu of genuine Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines, prepared in our award winning recipes to satisfy the most demanding tastes using only the freshest and finest ingredients and original homemade recipes. All served in our authentically designed restaurants.

– from www.tawasy.ae

Tawasy Restaurant and Grill (2)

Tawasy Group

The newly opened restaurant was a part of Tawasy group which offered other services such as gourmet catering, events, food supply and home delivery or express.

Tawasy Express

Location & Ambiance

Situated in the corner of the food court in DFC, you need to walk until the very end in order to find the restaurant. For someone like me who love colors, the main colors of the restaurant were a bit dull – gray and light blue with a pop of pale yellow. But for someone like my husband who’s a fan of minimalism, he adores the place. Interior, table, chairs and menu designs radiates sophistication and simplicity. Though located in the food court, the restaurant has its own private casual space of unclosed area where customers can dine in privately.

Arabic Cuisine Dubai
Arabic Cuisine Dubai

Food & Menu

A menu of like 5-6 pages was handed to us. An extensive offering from cold and hot appetizers, traditional breakfast, 10+ types of Hummus, main courses such as Arabic dishes of lamb mansaf, freekeh, mosakhan, mandy, biryani up to the favorite of the husband – shawarma, kebabs and more wraps are present. Since it’s our first time to dine here, we don’t really have an idea of what to order. Good thing, the restaurant prepared the best set from their menu. With the beverages, we opt to have the mint lemonade and fresh cocktail which was both refreshing.

Tawasy Restaurant and Grill

In no time, the freshly baked Arabic bread with olives pickles dip was served. Those who are regular readers of our food reviews might probably knew by now that I love breads and this was no exception. The softness and little sweetness of the bread made me take away some! 🙂 Admittedly, it’s incomparable with all the Arabic bread I tasted in the UAE. Even it gets cold, still it taste good! What an awesome start!

Tawasy Restaurant and Grillhow they cook the bread, awesome!When the beautifully presented appetizer platter came our table, I was like “Ok, this one looks interesting”. There are 6 types of cold mezze and I’m only familiar with two from it which are the Hummus. One with pomegranate on top. Other appetizers are Stuffed Vine Leaves which was too sour, pickled vegetables and small servings of Fattoush. Both of us like the Hummus partnered with bread.Tawasy Restaurant and Grill

Continuing with the main course, the Jordanian Mansaf and Mixed Grill Platter. The Jordanian Mansaf made of lamb which was served in a bed of rice garnished with pine nuts and almonds with saj bread on top and underneath was absolutely delicious. We’re also delighted by the platter of perfectly grilled kebabs and chicken shish tawook served with a variety of side salads and grilled vegetables.

Jordanian Mansaf Dubai

And to end our meal, our ultimate favorite Arabic sweet, the cheese Kunafa looks tempting and taste wonderful! You cannot go to Dubai and not taste this famous Arabic delight.

Best Kunafa Dubai

Staff and Service

Since the entire wait staff are Filipinos expect a welcoming ambiance and warm hospitality. Not that I’m being biased here ok, those other citizens who have Filipino friends can attest to that! 🙂 The politeness and willingness of the staff here are superb. Even with other tables, we observed how helpful they are. Also the manager of this restaurant was so nice and accommodating. He’s more than willing to give whatever you request. Thank you so much team!

Tawasy Restaurant and Grill
Tawasy Restaurant and Grill
Tawasy Restaurant and Grill
Tawasy Restaurant and Grill

Overall Experience

Being in the UAE let us try different cuisines and more of Arabic dishes. With our nearly 7 years in the city, our love for this cuisine had grown enough to have our favorites. We can genuinely say that Tawasy Restaurant and Grill can become one of such places  – good food, casual ambiance, helpful staff and value for money. Next time, we’ll try their mandy or biryani and my husband’s favorite to go order – shawarma! 🙂

For more details of the restaurant, visit their website of follow them on Instagram.

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More than 10 types of hummus, wow! And their food presentation is so nice.

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