Stunning Beaches in Mykonos

Stunning Beaches in Mykonos

The cycladic island of Greece, Mykonos is famous for many things – party and nightlife options, gorgeous hotels, amazing restaurants, an out of this world whitewashed main town and what this post is dedicated to — its stunning beaches. Mykonos has different types of beach to fit your mood.  Either you are looking for a party beach, cosmopolitan type, family friendly, secluded beach or picturesque type like what we looked for – Mykonos surely has it! 🙂

We visited during the beach off season, when the water is cold that you can only dip half of your body. Since we’re not after the beach but into the scenic views, it was the perfect time to capture the island’s stunning beaches. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Here are the Mykonos beaches we think are definitely worth visiting.

1. Kalo Livadi Beach

The hotel we stayed in Mykonos is ideally located in this picturesque Kalo Livadi beach. The sun-bleached shores provide the most perfect settings for relaxation in the world. It’s one of the prettiest and longest beaches of Mykonos. Its bright blue water is unbelievable! We took advantage of the privacy and pose some “couple shots” 🙂

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Kalo Livadi Beach Kalo Livadi Beach

2. Kalafatis Beach

About 10 minutes away from Kalo Livadi beach, another deserving beach to be in this list is the Kalafatis beach. The north end has snorkelling and scuba diving rentals, for those who want to explore the undersea glories of the Mediterranean. But please, not on cold season like what we did! It was an epic failure renting snorkelling gears without trying the water! Haha 🙂

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3. Panormos Beach

The beach is a bit far from our hotel but we got a rented quadbike to explore the place. I remember seeing a group Kayaking at Panormos beach. We want to join them but it’s for this group exclusive only. Sad 🙁 But it did not stop us from enjoying some quiet time here. It was one of those moments I want to keep for the rest of our lives 🙂

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Panormos Beach, Mykonos Panormos Beach, Mykonos

4. Ftelia Beach

This beach is a popular windsurfers’ paradise and I can’t disagree as the wind was literally blowing us! 🙂 A glimpse of the Ftelia beach and this amazing view greeted us on our way to Mykonos town. Fresh air, panoramic view, lush greens and your partner? Is there anything more relaxing than this? I want to return here please!

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Ftelia Beach Mykonos

5. Alevkantra Beach (Little Venice)

Little Venice has its own little public beach – the Alevkantra beach. The popular tourist attraction is a section of Mykonos where the barrier between the buildings and the sea is absent. Waves lap the sides of the cafes, restaurants and charming houses that sit gracefully on the water’s edge. You can’t disagree with the ethereal beauty of this beach especially during sunset as it creates a romantic atmosphere.

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Little Venice Beach

These are just few of Mykonos stunning beaches.  If you have more time and want to explore further, you can venture to other popular beaches such as Super Paradise, Ftelia beach, Agrari beach and a lot more! Surely, it will be an amazing surreal experience! 🙂

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