Ripe Market at Zabeel Park – A Chill Vibe Experience on Friday

Ripe Market at Zabeel Park – A Chill Vibe Experience on Friday

Zabeel Park is one of the first technology-driven parks in the Gulf, with an area equivalent to 45 football playgrounds, and is home to children’s amusement complex and edutainment centre.”
Working Hours: 8:00am to 11pm; Thu, Fri – 8:00am to 11:30pm

Ripe Market Zabeel

A Chill Vibe Experience on Friday

When the weather is bearable it’s always a good choice to enjoy the green spaces in Dubai like in Zabeel Park. We haven’t visited the park for about 2 years now. And we’re glad to accept our landlord’s birthday invitation which held here. Zabeel is a lot of fun. This enormous central park might emerge as a favorite. There are loads of great barbecue spots, a boating lake, jogging and cycle tracks, and even a touring train to see the entire open space in a hurry. A lot of groups and families are having their Christmas parties or picnics here when we visit.

What’s surprising is the Ripe Market! We discovered that it has become the official home of the Ripe Market and turn up to Gate 2 on market day. We found hundreds of bargain-hunters and vendors bartering art/hand crafts, clothes and books. The products sold are quite expensive but of good quality.

Vegetables at Ripe Market Zabeel

The food trucks with the smell of organic food and freshly baked bread, cooked burgers, pastas, the live music (felt like we’re in Europe!) and chill vibe are key elements and made our Friday super fun! It’s a great social experience as it’s a place where locals and expats come to spend Friday morning. Zabeel Park with its extensive appeal and charm will definitely allow you the satisfaction of a great outdoor experience without leaving the city limits 🙂

they’re happy to pose for the camera 🙂

A Lady Singing

music is all around the area, making the vibe very Europe 🙂

Child India

the cute Indian child, photo was allowed by his father and the replica of Shanghai City monument

Bread At Ripe Market

healthy bread are also being offered on the Ripe Market

14 Dolls

cute finds at the Ripe Market.

Ripe Market Dubai

The place is bustling!

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