The Old Souk & Abras: A Taste of Traditional Dubai

The Old Souk & Abras: A Taste of Traditional Dubai

Dubai, our home for the last 6 years, is considered one of the top 25 tourist destinations in the world according to tripadvisor. It’s funny that the only thing that comes to mind when one hears Dubai is shopping for it has several malls. And with the 365 days sunny weather here, I cannot blame you if you want to stay inside the mall. But this city offers months of cold weather too (December to March) perfect for walking around and discovering Dubai! And I’m telling you, there’s so much more in this city. Shame that I haven’t visited nor experience the real traditions. Better to be late than never.

The Old Souk & Abras

Old Dubai

Old Dubai

We walk around Bur Dubai and photographed the old souk area, ride the Abras ( a traditional boat made of wood ) an Abra costs only 1Dhs per way, probably the cheapest thing that you can get in Dubai since a can of coke costs more than that!

abra water taxi dubai

Ride the abra/water taxi – an authentic way to experience the old traditions

old dubai

an old vessel used to transport goods

It’s efficient and great for photo opportunities and enjoying the views of the historic waterway. We walk more around the old quarters along the Creek, dine in and buy cheap finds. You can shop for keychain/magnet souvenirs and shirts, traditional silk and woven carpets and more affordable things in the Old Souk. This area is totally a big contrast comparing to the new modern parts of Dubai. I’m grateful for this vibrant and growing city where expatriates like me are given the chance to have a better life.

Spice Souk Dubai

Vibrant and Colourful Spices

lamps old souk

lovely lamps at old souk

A visit to this historical area around the Dubai Creek is well worth doing. It will make you realize that there’s more to Dubai than just the sky scrapers and the five star hotels. Being a tourist in my own city is truly a great experience to me 🙂

lady at old souk dubai

happy girl at Old Souk


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