Musafir Review

Musafir Review

Musafir is a travel agency mainly based in Sharjah, UAE. Other branches are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and India. They provide flights, hotel bookings and holiday packages according to your taste. We bought flight tickets from Dubai to India and availed their Sri Lanka and Maldives holiday packages.

Please note that all reviews made in this blog are sincerely written and not influenced by others or the agency/hotel itself. We want to give our readers the real happenings and experiences we had as to help them in making decisions in booking an agent or hotel. May it be a good or a bad review, we will write here.


We found their website in the first page of Google search. I’ve sent an email to which is mentioned on their website. Then Syed accommodated us until 70+ emails. Yes, we are those persistent kinds of clients. He was prompt and helpful but we faced misunderstanding with the flight dates, chosen hotel and some details missing with the first quote and the quote sent after payment. We exchanged a lot of emails as we want to make sure that we get what we paid for.

Learned lesson is to carefully check everything quoted and if possible have all conversations recorded in email so you have sort of evidence in case of confusion.

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Paradise Island Resort and Spa

Paradise Island Resort and Spa, Maldives

Payment Plans

Even though we paid in full amount via bank transfer after they’ve corrected the quotation and provided us the best customized package. The agency offers an easy payment plan with installments spread across 3 or 6 months to pay for your travel expenses. Availing a package with Musafir will not blow your finances at once.

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Hotel Accommodation Provided

All the quotation mistakes are forgotten as soon as we saw the hotel accommodation provided by Musafir to us! They did offer us the best accommodation in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Both properties are 4 star but you can request them if you opt to have a 5 star accommodation. They’re very attentive to every request/question we have in mind. It’s something to commend about this agency.

Tour/Tour Guide Provided

We’re not fully satisfied about the tour guide in Sri Lanka named Amit. See the story in my post. But the fact that he changed the itinerary as to our liking made us happy at the end and besides he kept us safe until the end despite his “cool” driving :p

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

Value for Money

In comparison with other travel agency we inquired with, we can safely say that Musafir provided the most affordable and reliable holiday package. I know that Holiday Factory is famous in your FB feed and the prices are so low that you found yourself waiting for their deal. Alright, maybe that was only me. I tried to check whether this agency really provide those kind of offers.

I waited on their website usual deal Wednesday or Thursday by 2 PM. Upon booking, their website hangs maybe because a lot of budget deal hunters like me are trying to steal the good deal. After nearly 5 minutes, the first 30 deals are taken and they’re asking you to check the 2nd, 3rd and 4th option?! Prices are way higher than the 1st option! I also tried calling the agency to ask about their packages, and the customer service was a disappointment that they keep on hanging you up and give answers impolitely!


Generally, Musafir won our hearts despite the misunderstandings during the reservations. The agency made sure that all requests are met and any changes we wanted are followed. We are greatly impressed in terms of accommodation, airline and tour provided. What more can you ask for? An agency with the best package in a reasonable price! 🙂

UAE Landline: (971) 600 544 405


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Ramz December 24, 2017 - 8:31 am

Holiday factory are big cheaters, I have very bad experience with them… they are doing like this normally : Once you pay for reservation they will call after few days and inform you that they cannot provide you the paid services and they will refund the money… then you have to wait several months to refund your money….. If you call them they will just tell you it is still with accounts/finance…. they don’t respect the right of customer and they don’t care about the customer himself at all.. I don’t advice anybody to deal with these cheaters.

If you need your money to get refunded without delay, it is recommended to complain about them to Dubai tourism at this email :
or call : 600555559

Joanna Villanueva December 30, 2017 - 1:26 am

Hi Ramz, Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. While we haven’t really booked any with Holiday factory, we did tried to call the customer service just to check if how is the service since we want to try one from their cheap packages. But as I’ve mentioned, we experienced an impolite response from them.


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