Most Romantic Dinner: Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai

Most Romantic Dinner: Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai

Thiptara of the Palace Downtown combines all the elements we’ve been looking for in a restaurant – good food, lovely ambiance, incredible views (name it!). Thus claiming it as the most romantic Thai dining experience we had in Dubai. And I’m telling you, in a city with so many great restaurants, this is not easy to achieve. But Thiptara succeeds by blending an amazing location by the Dubai dancing fountain, not just near to the water but right next to it! An addition to this was the legendary The Address service, and of course all these would be worthless without the key ingredient of a truly great place – the food!  Let us take you to our lovely dining experience at Thiptara during our royal staycation one weekend.

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Thiptara Restaurant at The Palace Downtown Dubai

The View and Ambiance

Thiptara, a Thai word which means “magic at the water” live up to its name as it is perfectly situated by the Burj Lake along with the incredible views of the Dubai Fountain which look more magical when it dance at night. Entering the restaurant, a gentle melodic music greeted us. We were in awe of how beautiful the restaurant is! It is superbly decorated with dramatic lighting, magnificent gold finishing and elegant Thai decoration.

Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai

While we dine in inside the restaurant, we would strongly recommend you to dine in al fresco for a more romantic setting when the weather is bearable. Even though we were indoors, we could clearly see and enjoy the fountain shows that happen every 30 minutes. As expected, it never fails to amaze us no matter how many times we’ve witnessed it for the past 7 years.


Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai

The Food and Menu

With the romantic setting and magical ambiance that took our breathe away, we expect nothing but the best with the 5 star hotel’s restaurant when it comes to the food. Prepared by the Thai Chef Sunisa along with her team, the cuisines served at Thiptara are visually stunning but absolutely authentic Thai. The menu is well designed for both novices and those who are already acquainted with Thai food but still want to be surprised.

Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai Thiptara Restaurant, Palace Downtown Dubai

While they have set menus ranging from AED 350 to AED 400 per person, we opted to order from their ala carte menu as we felt like it will be too much for us. We were asked if we have certain allergies or how we’d like our food to be cooked. As you’d know, Thai food is known to be spicy but if you’re not a fan, you can always ask them as they can modify everything according to your preference.

A complimentary snack with creamy peanut butter sauce was served before we begin with a beautifully presented plate of Ka noum jeehp sai gai (AED 88). The perfectly steamed dim sum consists of minced chicken, prawns, squids, wonton with tobiko eggs on top were served with slightly sweet sauce. It was the perfect tasty way to start our meal!

Then we had bowls of Tom Yum Goong (AED 68) which is a traditional Thai hot and spicy soup with prawns, herbs and mushrooms. It was so comforting and delicious! We could really taste the freshness and good quality of the ingredients used.

As expected for the main course, my husband request for rice because rice is life! Haha.  We ordered Khao Pad Goong (AED 128) which is a fried rice with shrimp and egg. And according to him, he is totally fine without anything else from the menu as it was scrumptious and satisfying!

And the star of the show arrived, Goong mung korn phad phrik tai dum (AED 208), the stir fried lobster with onions, green peppers and black pepper sauce was absolutely the show stealer not only because it is visually beautiful but of the delightful taste! More perfect when partnered with rice 🙂

For dessert we opted for our favorite sweet mango with sticky rice Khao neaw mamueng (AED 48). It comes with a coconut dressing which is sweet, yet not overly so, allowing the freshly cut mango to take center stage.

Flavours are distinctive with each ingredient almost flourishing on the taste. Our solid and honest opinion – the Chefs at Thiptara are masters of their craft.

Staff and Service

From the time we came until we leave the place, we felt most welcome and all our needs are well taken care of. In every dining experience, it’s the most vital thing we’re looking for in a restaurant – the service and the staff. Apart from the scrumptious food, remarkable Dubai fountain views and great ambiance here, the kind Thai hospitality was truly shown by the staff which made the dining experience one of a kind. Despite the fact that the restaurant is full of diners, they made sure everyone’s feel comfortable and will enjoy the dining experience. Service was simply impeccable.

Thank you so much Ms. Lora and the whole Thiptara team for an unforgettable dining experience!


We went on a Thursday evening during our stay at the Palace Downtown. Situated at the ground level of the hotel, Thiptara is a few steps from the Dubai Mall making it easy to commute via Dubai metro red line. And if you drive, they offer a complimentary valet parking.

Overall Experience

With such beautiful setting by the lake and excellent Thai food, Thiptara is a perfect place to have the most romantic dinner of your life, just remember to book in advance! The price of it might be a bit steep but for the lavish spread and the food quality, ambiance and THE incredible views, it was a meal worth indulging and splurging on.

Thiptara Restaurant Details

Location: Ground Level, Palace Downtown Hotel, Dubai UAE
Opening hours: 6 pm to 11.30 pm
Phone: +971 4 428 7888
Website: View Thiptara Restaurant 

*Thanks to the wonderful team of the Palace Downtown for hosting us, opinions as always are entirely our own.

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