India Travel Guide (for first time visitors)

India Travel Guide (for first time visitors)

Without a doubt, India is one of the most visited countries in the world. Colorful, diverse and unique are some of the favorite adjectives used in describing the country. For us to understand what most people are fussing about, we decided to experience India on our own. Besides, you can’t be a traveler without visiting this huge and interesting country at least once in a lifetime.

We spent a rough 5 days in India touring the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. As what most travel experts advised – start with the classics. With only a few days visiting tourist sites and public places, please note that we don’t pretend to be like an expert here. Things that we’ll be sharing here are based on our own experiences and discoveries.

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Agra Fort 2017

Travel Dates

We started planning this trip 2 months before our desired dates. But we strongly suggest you to plan earlier as you can get better rates by then. Our chosen date of travel is from November 30 – December 5. UAE national holidays falls in between these dates. Most of our trip dates are based on holidays except for our anniversary. 

India E-Tourist Visa

For Philippines passport holder, we need to acquire an e-Tourist visa in visiting India. You can apply it online in this link. Please note that you can only apply in less than 30 days from your travel dates. Application takes 72 hours of processing and you’ll receive it via email.  Visa fee is USD 60 (AED 220) per person. Don’t forget to print your e-visa. 

The Budget Airline

Booked via, we took the lowest possible rate available. Via Air India Express, our ticket priced was AED 876 per person. It is cheap for an almost 4 hour journey from Dubai to New Delhi, India.

Leaving Dubai, we experienced an easy check-in, spacious seats (ask them to put you in the emergency exit seats), with in-flight meal and on time arrival. On leaving New Delhi, we experienced a 3 hours delay as there was a technical problem. However, it’s a budget airline with a good rate so you can’t complain. 

Accommodation & Tour

Since India is huge and not an easy country to tour around. Most travel experts and online communities like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor advised to have a travel agency to arrange your tour. We decided to book the accommodation too as we’ve been a lot busier for the last 3 months that we barely have the time to check hundreds of hotels available.

Humayuns Tomb 2017

Our accommodation and tour was provided by Gets Holidays, a local travel agent based in India. They are the cheapest agents we found via search. Service is remarkably prompt. Email responses are quick and accurate. As for the tour or service driver provided, we can say that Mr. Rotash (our service driver for 6 days) was good enough to send us to the airport safe and sound. We only have a minimal problem during the last day as he told us that another driver will send us to the airport for departure. We informed his office and they fixed it immediately. Day of departure came, Mr. Rotash showed up. And if you want him to drive for you, here’s his number +91 987 135 2798. It’s relatively cheaper to book directly with any driver in India but I must say that safety and assurance of the whole trip is not guaranteed.

Total fees of Gets Holidays is USD 235 (AED 863) per person. It includes the accommodation in a 3 star hotel, airport transfer, all inter-destination transfers, sightseeing as per itinerary in a private car, everyday breakfast, all hotel taxes,  all fuel charges, toll tax, state tax and parking charges of the car and all expenses related to the car and driver.

Read More: Where We Stayed: Hotel Accommodation in India (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) 

Entrance Fees to Taj Mahal and Other Sites

We booked our Taj Mahal tickets online 2 weeks before our flight in this website. Select your exact date of visit. Note that Taj Mahal is closed every Friday. Cost is INR 1000 (AED 55) per person as of December 2016. There’s a composite ticket available for the same price which includes other Agra Monuments: Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb, and Itimad-Ud-Daula. Please note that this ticket is valid only if visited on the same day. If you forgot to buy online, Taj Mahal tickets can be purchased on site but expect the queue.

While in Delhi and Jaipur, we purchased all entrance tickets on site and queue was all bearable. Price is per person (as of December 2016) Amber fort INR 500, Jama Masjid INR 300, Humayuns Tomb 500.

Taj mahal 2017

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Weather in India

During the mentioned travel dates, weather is perfect. It’s around 18 to 22 degrees in Delhi and Jaipur. In Agra, it’s colder with 14 to 18 degrees. Afternoons are just fine and enough to take off the jackets. While it is comfortable to travel with this kind of weather. The fog and mists are not picture-friendly as it looked white or blurry in photos. But if you’re like my husband, he takes advantage of the weather and captured perfect shots with foggy effects! Some of it is already published in our first travel story in India 🙂 

India Currency

When India faced an issue in their currencies as explained in this news to scrap all INR 500 & 1000 rupee notes with immediate effect started from Nov 9 onwards, we faced a minimal problem in buying Indian Rupees. We usually exchanged currencies in the country that we’re visiting but when we heard the news, we tried to buy here in Dubai and there’s no available. Good thing, my husband’s Indian friend helped us. It’s better to have Indian Rupees while in the country and more helpful if it’s in smaller bill as you need to give tips or buy small things like water/snacks. Also, everything in India is cheap! 

What to Wear in India?

Dressing in any country you will be visiting should be based on the weather and custom of a country. Since we know that it will be colder on the time of our visit to India, we make sure to bring a jacket, pants for my husband and long skirts/dresses for me. Also, if you don’t like attention especially for ladies, dress appropriately. India has a relatively modest culture. Covering arms and legs is a simple step toward respecting this. Besides, some tourist sites are mosque, temple or holy that it’s not permitted to show off skin.

What to wear India womenTransport and Tips

The car service we used in touring around the triangle is provided by the travel agency. So we only rode a taxi once, paid around 600 rupees in Agra for a 30 minute ride. Then we took rickshaws on visiting the public places in Jaipur and Delhi. Expect to pay around 50 to 100 rupees (2.50 to 5 AED) for a short ride.  Giving tips of around 5 to 10% of your bill in any restaurant is an acceptable act when in the country. Also, don’t forget about your driver. 


A swirling stomach is pretty common for first-timers in India. A lot of restaurants are available in the country but make sure to be careful with what you eat during your travel in India. There are many unpleasant cases of food poison not only in India but with other countries too. We opt to eat in the hotels and restaurants suggested by our driver or the ones where we stopped by. Even our driver told us not to buy anything on the streets as like other food exposed in open air, it might be unclean. But if you’re persistent to try street foods, make sure they are peeled fresh fruits or something that is boiled or fried. Stay on the bottled water. And if you like fast food, there’s KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominos in India but not extensive. 

5 days Budget in India for Two Person

We spent around AED 5000 on everything for the two of us! It’s the cheaper trip we ever had and we couldn’t be more than thankful for that we got to explore a beautiful country on a budget. Here’s a breakdown of what we spent for a 5 day Golden Triangle tour for two people. Prices are in UAE Dirham.     

Air Ticket via Air India Express 1752
Tour/Accommodation via Gets Holidays 1711
E- Tourist Visa 440
Taj Mahal Ticket 112
Other Entrance Fees 270
Food 415
Tips 130
Souvenirs/Transportation 180
Total 5010 AED

 India Tourist Spot 2017

Tips on Visiting India

  • Be prepared for noise from vehicles honking in the streets.
  • Avoid deals that seem too good to be true from shop vendors in tourist sites or tour guides that will keep on following you.
  • Stay safe not only in India but to any country you’ll be visiting. Don’t go into crowded areas without your guide or dark areas especially for females traveling alone. And don’t bring huge cash as pickpocketing is a very present problem in crowded Indian cities.
  • Stay calm and don’t allow yourself to be irritated when haggling at markets.
  • Know the rules and timings of a tourist site you’re visiting.
  • Expect to have a gap in communication. English is not widely spoken.
  • Ignore the stares. They usually stare at foreigners out of curiosity.
  • Wear easy flats or shoes. You may be required to remove your footwear or cover your head before entering some temples or mosques.
  • Don’t be too selfish of your personal space. Indians are extremely friendly. They’ll ask to take selfies with you or ask out of the blue questions. Remember the culture differences and be polite.

Hope you find something helpful in this post when you plan to visit this beautiful country. And if you have questions or comments, feel free to ask below! Happy travels 🙂

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Lindasweetheart January 13, 2017 - 1:14 pm

Rajasthan is my favourite especially Jaipur

The Moment Keepers January 17, 2017 - 6:21 am

We love Jaipur too 🙂 Have a great day Linda!

arv! January 7, 2017 - 1:44 pm

Looks like you have enjoyed this trip! It must have been a great experience tripping across India?

The Moment Keepers January 8, 2017 - 6:47 am

Though a lot of hours spent inside the car as going from one city to another one takes 6 hours!but we did enjoy this trip! 🙂 Jaipur is so beautiful and so your blog 🙂

wheninmyjourneys January 4, 2017 - 3:23 pm

I’ll keep this guide in mind. Hopefully I get to visit it too someday soon. I love the photos especially the one with the pillars. Parang scene sa pelikula 🙂

gelo January 4, 2017 - 8:16 am

Gorgeous photos & detailed content!

The Moment Keepers January 4, 2017 - 11:25 am

aw! Thanks Doc! Have a lovely day ahead! 🙂

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder January 3, 2017 - 7:52 pm

A very detailed and helpful guide. I hope you enjoyed your stay in my country… 🙂 The pictures are wonderful… !

The Moment Keepers January 4, 2017 - 6:05 am

Yes, we surely enjoyed it that we are planning to return! Thank you for the compliments, happy 2017 🙂

Meghan January 3, 2017 - 7:40 pm

This is a great guide!

The Moment Keepers January 4, 2017 - 6:07 am

Glad you find it helpful Meghan! Thanks for reading our articles 🙂

Just Yamini January 3, 2017 - 12:14 pm

Everything looks perfect. I loved it. In Delhi, one could have visited Agrasen-ki-baoli too.

Love, Yamini

The Moment Keepers January 4, 2017 - 11:24 am

Thanks Yamini and for the helpful information!

Joy Generoso January 2, 2017 - 6:44 pm

Wow, your photos are really captivating! I wish my husband has such talent in photography hahaha. How did you guys keep track all your expenses when traveling? Kasi I find it very difficult. That’s the reason I blog more on experiences than guides. Your food expenses for 5 days was really cheap. For me, I don’t think I can stretch that amount for 5 days. Perhaps it will only last a day or two samin (kain pa naman ako ng kain pag nasa bakasyon). Hahaha. Ang mura pala ng food sa India. Interesting!

The Moment Keepers January 4, 2017 - 11:23 am

Hi Joy! Thank you so much with the compliments. With the photography, I can feel your husband as I don’t have that talent too!haha, It’s good that you have the talent though as your photos are really amazing! 🙂 we used Spending tracker, it’s a good app available in both Android and IOS. need lang is matyaga ka maglog at the end of each day. Mura nga sa India pati yung agency na nahanap namin is mura. The service is commendable pa. Punta na kayo India 🙂

Joy Generoso January 5, 2017 - 6:55 am

Thank you Jo! I’ll download this app for sure and let the husband do the work hahaha. 🙂

The Moment Keepers January 7, 2017 - 5:25 am

Haha! sabagay ikaw na yung ngpipicture :p yung sa footer pla ng blog mo Joy, IG link nakadirect sa old handle mo. Naclick ko lng kanina 🙂

AlicevstheWorld January 2, 2017 - 10:24 am

Both my parents have spent time in India so I’d love to travel there one day. It feels kind of like a right of passage for me!

The Moment Keepers January 2, 2017 - 12:25 pm

Hey Alice, thanks for visiting the blog! India is indeed a beautiful country. Besides it’s uniqueness and captivating spots, we like more the one of a kind experience we had here. Share us your photos when you get there and enjoy!


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