A Lavish Friday Brunch at Suq Restaurant, Four Seasons Resort Dubai

A Lavish Friday Brunch at Suq Restaurant, Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Friday brunch Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Jumeirah DubaiNothing says Friday like a good feast, which is why you need to look no further than the new Friday Brunch at Suq Restaurant, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach. One of Dubai’s most established and go-to place for hotel brunch buffets. Suq Restaurant has recently upped the pot by revamping their Friday brunch offering.

Friday Brunch Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai

Friday brunch Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai

Ambiance & Atmosphere

We arrived before 1 pm and were asked to wait at the entrance as a staff briefing was going on inside the restaurant. You can enjoy a walk near the beach while waiting just like what we did! 🙂 The service staff ushered us to our table and gave us an orientation of the buffet. There are six multi-ethnic live cooking stations featuring a wide array of international selection including Middle Eastern, European and Asian dishes. Let’s kick off this post with a tour of the restaurant.

a bright and airy atmosphere

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

lovely table settings

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Seafood/Japanese Section

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

modern interior

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

What we like most about the ambiance of Suq restaurant is the energy of the place. This is not a quiet Friday Brunch that most people are used to. You’ll get lots of energy – from the buzzing live cooking stations, chitchats and laughter of diners, background music and a bright and airy atmosphere.

Our Dining Experience (Food and Menu)

Since there are so many dishes to choose from, we enjoyed the brunch by going from one zone to the other. I started off with the cold mezzeh, dim sum & pasta section then moved on to the grill section which I would highly recommend for you to linger a little longer. Take the time to excite your taste buds with the flavours of the dishes here, wash everything down with a glass of Prosecco wine, enjoy the company, rest and move on to the next.Suq Restaurant Four Seasons DubaiUs at Suq RestaurantSuq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Wagyu beef rolls are to die for! It was up to the high standards on an average day – always a good thing with 5 star luxury hotels! The beautifully roasted meats were also amazing and if you have opted for the alcohol option, pair these with a glass of wine and thank me later.

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

live cooking station

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

wagyu beef rolls!

Another exciting part must be the foie gras counter! Pan-seared on the spot and served with that lovely smile. Is there anything better than this, really? 🙂

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Some of the main course included are chicken shish taouk, lamb chops, lamb kofta and seabass fillet. There are freshly caught lobsters too in the seafood/Japanese station. While a variety of noodles and stir fry options to be cooked in the wok upon request complete the Asian station. For cheese lovers, there’s a wide selection of cheeses from across the globe to dig into perfectly partnered with warm freshly baked breads. Freshly shucked oysters are also offered by charming ladies in red visiting from table to table.

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons DubaiSuq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

a bread counter where I felt spoilt by the whole sight

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons DubaiSuq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

Even though most people tend to start with the cold and raw food first, I leave sashimi and sushi to the end somewhat because I see it as a main rather than an appetizer. I guess that’s the best part about going to a brunch, there’s no real order to follow and you’re free to start wherever you wish even if it means starting with the desserts! :p

Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Dubai

No brunch or buffet is complete without an impressive plate of sweets – you’ll find a huge variety of desserts here that we’ve wish we actually have a separate stomach for. The cheese kunafa is my personal favourite while the husband enjoyed his pistachio and chocolate ice cream! I also treated myself with a crepe! Waffles, fruitcakes, cheesecake, tarts, creampuffs and MORE delights are also available. There’s an array of fresh tropical fruits too. For those a little younger at heart (or for those with kids), give the fondue a go, nothing better like dipping fresh fruits into a molten pot of chocolatey goodness! 🙂

Suq Restaurant Friday Brunch

Suq Restaurant Friday Brunch

an array of fresh tropical fruits

Suq Restaurant Friday BrunchSuq Restaurant Friday Brunch

With the beverages, you can opt to have non-alcoholic drinks (fresh juice or soft drinks) or the alcoholic beverages which includes a wide selection of unique signature cocktails, premium champagnes and signature wines from around the world. To end the meal, a selection of coffee and teas are available.

Suq Restaurant Jumeirah

Suq Restaurant Jumeirah

Thanks Kim 🙂

Kids Facilities

The best thing in Suq restaurant? They dedicate an area for kids complete with entertainment facilities. This means parents can enjoy the Friday brunches without worrying about babysitters. With entertainment for the kids, parents can enjoy their meals with friends and family. Brunches are a fantastic way to spend the afternoon with your kids being cared for by highly trained staff, YES – without the screams and the tantrums.

Kids Area at Suq RestaurantKids Area at Suq Restaurant

Staff and Service

The area where we were seated had a dedicated staff named Yoga that would promptly clear our plates, refill our glasses, and fold napkins and always coming over to us to check if everything was fine. When we started on our mains, our cutlery used for starters were instantly cleared and replaced. The Chefs in the Asian section especially Chef Johnny was very welcoming and cheery. And of course Mr. Lawrence Raj, Suq restaurant manager made sure that we’re enjoying our food and leave the place with a happy heart and a full stomach :p Kim and the rest of the staff in different dish section were always carrying a warm smile on their faces throughout our meal. Service was simply impeccable.

Chef at Suq Restaurant

Happy Chefs 🙂

Suq Restaurant Staff

Meet Yoga 🙂

Suq Restaurant Manager

Meet Mr. Lawrence

Suq Restaurant Chef

Chef Johnny

Value for Money

The price of this brunch buffet might be steep but for the lavish spread of food and its quality, flawless service and ambiance, it was a meal worth indulging and splurging on. We highly recommend the brunch here and have a treat for yourself or with your friends and families 🙂

For Reservations

Suq Restaurant brunch buffet at Four Seasons Jumeirah is available every Friday from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai UAE


  • AED 350 for adults, including non-alcoholic beverages
  • AED 500 for adults, including white, red and sparkling wines
  • AED 690 for adults, including premium champagne
  • 50% for older children (6-12 years)
  • Complimentary for younger children (5 years and under)

Call +971 4 270 7777 for reservations, or visit www.opentable.com

Website of Four Seasons Resorts Dubai at Jumeirah Beach. Follow Four Seasons Dubai in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Friday brunch Suq Restaurant Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai

*We were invited by Four Seasons Resorts. However, all opinions are our own.

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Looks like a spectacular place not to miss. Thanks so much for sharing your review.

The Moment Keepers November 9, 2016 - 5:44 am

Thanks Sue, make sure to try the restaurant when you visit Dubai 🙂 Happy travels!


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