Where to Eat at NYC?

Where to Eat at NYC?

Let it be known that we’re not authentic food bloggers or food critics. All the food related posts in this blog are unbiased reviews to somehow help you in deciding whether to eat or not in a certain restaurant. Alright, to make this paragraph short – we just eat whatever we want to in any country we visit without checking the must-visit restaurants or should-try foods. But New York surprisingly is an exception!eat nyc new york

eat nyc new york

While planning our itinerary, I forcefully included some of my “dream food”. I fondly called it like that as I only see it in my favorite movie and blogger. And eating at this 18-hour far city is definitely – a dream come true. Here is a mix up of an iconic restaurant, popular boathouse, cheap eats and a fine dining we’d tried in NYC 🙂

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate of Serendipity Restaurant

For all those Serendipity movie lovers like us, this is a must visit spot when in New York. Not only for the food but the displays of all the trinkets and items by the front creates a sweet vintage feel that welcomes every diner. Service is good nothing exceptional, and the food is a bit pricey. Despite the cost, you should get the frozen hot chocolate popularized by the movie. It’s aesthetically pleasing, definitely Instagram worthy and tastes great too. It’s quite large and is easily shared among more than one or two other people.

Price of Frozen Hot Chocolate: $8.95
Location: 225 East 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues New York
Timings: Sun-Thu 11:30am to midnight, Fri-Sat 11:30am to 1:00am

the famous frozen hot chocolate

i love the vintage decoration

not suppose to order the chicken and fries but most option in the menu are not available

happy 2nd wedding anniversary!

2. Grilled Mexican corn from Cafe Habana

It was raining when we visited the place. But that doesn’t stop us from having a bite of the grilled Mexican corn made with mayo, some kind of power cheese, chili powder, and lime. It was like heaven biting into this corn for the first time! The tiny café had other great dishes too like the Cuban sandwich which taste wonderful. I saw one of my favorite blogger Patty Laurel always flashing it in her Instagram every time she visits New York. So I told myself that one day, I will also try this special corn!

Price of Grilled Mexican corn: $5.95
Location: 17 Prince Street at Elizabeth Street New York
Timings: Open daily from 9 am to midnight

happy girl!

cuban sandwich and grilled corn

3. Roast Beef Sandwich at the Loeb Boathouse Central Park

The Boathouse has the regular sit-down Lakeside restaurant on one side, Express Café on the other side and an outside bar. As the Lakeside Restaurant was really busy and we’re too hungry to wait for the long queues, we opted for the Express Café. There was a long line but it’s pretty fast and we ordered burger, sandwich, fries and salad. I personally like the roast beef sandwich. The best part was we’re able to get a quick lunch and continue exploring Central Park.

Price of Roast beef Sandwich: $7.25
Location: Central Park – East 72nd Street and Park Drive North, New York
Timings: Open daily from 8 am to 5 pm (during winter, until 4:30 pm)


4. Breakfast at Whole Foods

Upon searching of things to do in Central Park, I stumbled upon one article but I forgot what it is (sorry!)  that we should bring “Picnic Food” from Wholefoods on our visit. The husband found Wholefoods market and it was really a fun experience finding this picnic food! Haha 🙂 We started asking staff at Wholefoods and they’re totally clueless!  After embarrassing ourselves, we decided to have breakfast in a box instead. The price depends on the weight of the box. I have to commend the store’s very organized and high technology system.eat nyc new york

Price of Breakfast at Wholefoods: $16 (for the 2 box)
Location: 10 Columbus Circle Lower Concourse Level of the Time Warner Center
Timings: Open daily from 7 am to 11 pm


5. American Breakfast at Serafina Restaurant

Our plan was to have breakfast near the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately, there are no nearby restaurants or food kiosks near the museum. After walking for about 15 minutes and with our freezing bodies, we found Serafina restaurant. We ordered two breakfast meal. It’s my kind of breakfast I must say – French toast, bacon, egg, hot chocolate. But the husband considered it as a “light meal” since there’s no rice (Asians be like!) 🙂eat nyc new york

Price of Serafina Breakfast: $36 (for two)
Location: 1022 Madison Ave, New York
Timings: Open daily from 10 am to 11 pm


6. Hawaiian Pizza at Mama’s Famous

I have to include it on this list for the huge, tasteful and cheap pizza they’ve got! They are actually our life savers. Everything we want to eat is available here and location was just a few blocks away from our hotel. I personally like their chicken soup plus the fact that it’s cheaper to eat here is a great factor for a budget-conscious woman like myself! 🙂eat nyc new york

Price of Hawaiian Pizza: $7
Location: 2345 Broadway, New York
Timings: Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

*Nothing to disclose, all opinions are our own.

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