Discover Dubai Historical Attractions

Discover Dubai Historical Attractions

Dubai is known as a city filled with mega structures, highly urbanized and deliberated as one of the luxurious cities in the world. However, the city still preserves its traditional and conservative ways of the locals, brings it with advanced technology and ways of living. Dubai retains several historical monuments and beautifully restored traditional old houses exhibiting magical glimpses of old city. Remarkably and proven, Dubai is not all about the glamour and riches. There is so much more to Dubai than what catches the eyes.

The city is filled with historical treasures, museums and cultural areas that take you on a journey to the past. Today we would like you to discover its cultural highlights – our top 3 historical attractions you must visit when in Dubai 🙂

Al Bastakiya – Al Fahidi District

Forget the skyscraper and scenic zone of the city and transport yourself to old Arabia with a trip in Al Fahidi neighbourhood, also known as Al Bastakiya. The old Bastakiya district is prominent for its narrow pathways, bustling courtyards and traditional high wind towers. These wind towers were not merely for decoration but means of cooling houses in the days before electricity. Photography enthusiasts like us can do no wrong here since every angle looks like a masterpiece with the Arabesque designs of the old houses. See it for yourself! 🙂

Location: Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai (Metro Green line – Al Fahidi station)
Entrance: Free

Dubai Museum – Al Fahidi District

Before starting one tour in any country, knowing the story behind those striking monuments a country has is a worthy thing to do. Hence, a visit to the Dubai museum is a must on every Dubai itinerary. Located in Al Fahidi Fort, the museum represents the Arabic Culture exquisitely. It houses diverse collection of exhibits which offers visitors a fascinating insight into the rich history and cultural heritage of the city. Certainly, it’s an amazing experience to see how Dubai was before catching the eyes of oil resources.

Location: Al Fahidi Fort, Bur Dubai  (Metro Green line – Al Fahidi station)
Entrance: AED 5


Deira Souks

Discover the history, heritage and great food in old Dubai. All you can find in one of the oldest part of Dubai, Deira. The area is most famous for its traditional souks (markets), which bustle with shoppers at all times of the day. Gold, perfumes, textiles and even fish are all on great deal here. Deira Gold Souk is well-known as the largest gold bazaar in the world and the reason that Dubai called as “The City of Gold”. But our favourite was the Spice Souk, which is alive with vibrant colours and aromas. They sell every imaginable spice you could think of! You can travel between the two souk areas by Abra (a traditional wooden boat) over Deira creek. At just AED 1 for one ticket, the boats are not only inexpensive and quick, but a truly authentic Dubai experience.

Location: Deira, near Al Ras Metro Station – Green line

Is it your first time in Dubai? Check out the city’s must-see attractions and find out the things you can do here for free  Message us if you need help in wandering around this beautiful city! 🙂

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