Best Things to Photograph at Metropolitan Museum of Art (THE MET)

Best Things to Photograph at Metropolitan Museum of Art (THE MET)

If Paris has the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay, Athens got the Acropolis Museum, New York city’s best museum has to be the Metropolitan Museum of Art or be cool and call it the MET. Whether you’re a veteran museum surfer, an art lover or a spontaneous traveler like us, this museum has about everything you want to see. It has an extensive collection of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, American, Asian artifacts (name it!) which is broken up into many rooms and levels. To help you with the planning and if you’re the type of person who love great subjects for photographs then this list is for you 🙂best things metropolitan museum art met

best things metropolitan museum art met

1. The MET Building/Steps

The first thing should be on this list is the building itself but we went last May 3, 2016 a day after the MET Ball of Hollywood celebrities so the outside area is covered in tents. Boo! I strongly suggest you to watch Gossip Girl as the MET steps was strongly feature in this famous TV series 🙂

2. The Great Hall

As soon as you entered the museum, the wonderful architecture of the great hall greets you in the first floor. It’s worth noticing due to its rising arches and brilliant details preparing every visitor to see historical masterpieces.

The Great Hall THE MET

3.Mother and Child at the Medieval Sculpture Hall

Transporting back in time, this hall is used to serve as the main gallery of the whole museum. It has since significantly extended and gathered more magnificent works of art. This Mother and Child statue was the most striking in this hall.

Medieval Hall THE MET

4. Kwoma Ceiling of New Guinea

The Kwoma Ceiling of New Guinea is hung above the Asian items. The amount of intricate details on the ceiling structure is really amazing. Stories painted on the board represents people, animals and other marvels associated with the village clans.

Kwoma Ceiling the MET

5. Towering Bis Poles by Michael Rockefeller

After seeing the grand ceiling at the exhibit of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, we then noticed these towering Bis poles. Each pole is unique as it represented individual region in Asmat region of Indonesia. Hence to commemorate the lives of significant persons like warriors and served as a promise that their deaths will be retaliated.

Bis Poles MET

6. Asmat Body Mask

In the same exhibit, this Asmat body mask looking like an otherworldly being is definitely worth your snap. It is a full-length costume made of braided cordage painted with red and white pigment. These are believed to be used only for special funerary ceremonies in the things metropolitan museum art met

Asmat Body Mask MET

7. Mastaba Tomb of Perneb at the Egyptian Wing

This tomb is located at the Egyptian wing. It is believed to be thousand years of age. You can also see a lot of Egyptian artifacts around the things metropolitan museum art met

Tomb Egypt Hall MET

8. Sarcophagus of Har-khebi at the Egyptian Wing

Another thing to snap at your visit in the Museum is this structure. I remember the movie “The Mummy” by simple looking on it. The MET spent 30+ years in Egypt conducting archaeological research and the results are all this great artifacts and collection.

Sarcophagus of Harkhebi

9. Pergamon Head at the European Sculpture Court

Though we see a lot of Greek collections at the Acropolis Museum, this Pergamon head is hard to miss. It was a fragmentary colossal marble head which is describe as a representation of Alexander the Great.

pergamon head the MET

10. European Paintings and Sculpture

The European painting and sculpture collection rooms were occupied with paintings by Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Van Gogh, the stars of impressionism.  I’ve decided to post a few lesser known but still remarkable paintings as the popular is already available on the web for sure 🙂best things metropolitan museum art met

European paintings at the met

painting Van Gogh the MET

11. Small Fountain at the European Sculpture Court

This small charming fountain located at the European Sculpture Court should be on your list while having a quick rest from viewing thousand artifacts.

Best things THE MET

12. Marble Sarcophagus Sculpture

This highly decorative and extremely well-preserved Roman marble sarcophagus can be found at the back of the fountain. It’s an exquisite example of Roman funerary art, displaying all the skill of the workshop where it was carved.

Marble Sarcophagus MET

Tips and Notes:

  • Food, flash photography, video cameras, back packs and tripods are not allowed
  • Open 7 days a week with extended timing on Friday and Saturday
  • Entrance Fees is $25 if you book online, includes in the City Pass
  • Save time by traveling light so you don’t need to line up and check in anything
  • See only the highlights so do your homework and know what items you want to see before you go.
  • If you’re someone who likes every type of art then you better plan on spending your 1 to 3 days at the MET as it’s a really huge place
  • There’s a free WIFI which means you can find out more about the collection as you go without having to have one of those audio devices
  • Located in 1000 Fifth Avenue next to Central park
  • Official website

Greek Sculpture Gallery

metropolitan museum of art

The MET is fairly in the list of top museums in the world. The variety and depth of collection makes it one of the top cultural centers that certainly justify its recognition. While we list down the best things to photograph in the MET, we also suggest you to take off your cameras for a while and just appreciate the history and greatness of the place 🙂 Enjoy your visit at the MET!best things metropolitan museum art met

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