Asian Buffet at Jigsaw Restaurant, Avani Hotels

Asian Buffet at Jigsaw Restaurant, Avani Hotels

Piled up work tasks. Disagreement with a colleague. Jam-packed commute. Bad hair day. Whatever the reason, some days just require a little extra comfort – often in the form of food or dish. What says comfort to you? For us, a good meal can take away all the bad vibes and can bring comfort to us 🙂 (Asian Buffet Dubai Restaurant)

Thursday night is the official start of weekend and glad we spend it at Jigsaw restaurant of Avani hotels Deira. We opted to take the train as it was traffic in the area. It’s acceptable as Deira is the heart of Dubai. It was easily accessible, walking distance from Abu Baker Al Siddique green line (2 stations away from Bur Juman). But if you bring a car, the restaurant provides a complimentary valet parking.

Welcome to Jigsaw Restaurant

Ms. Gloria, the charming marketing manager of the hotel welcomes us with her warmest smile – what a perfect way to begin the night! She made sure we feel comfortable with our seats and will be assisted well by the restaurant staff.

Avani Hotels Deira

Welcome to Jigsaw

asian buffet dubai restaurant

Asian Buffet Dubai Restaurant

As we visited on a Thursday night, the restaurant is having an Asian themed buffet. If you dine on a Tuesday night, you can have a feast on Middle Eastern favorites and savour on a variety of authentic dishes. While on Friday, they offer an indoor barbeque brunch which I think will be great for families.

Avani Dubai Hotel

our second plates 🙂

Food and Menu

The buffet includes a selection of delectable dishes from the Southeast Asia. This made us more excited as you’d know, we’re Asians and there’s no better way to feel comfort than eating RICE! 🙂 The freshly prepared menu includes a variety of soups, salads, appetizers, entrées and desserts. There’s a live cooking station too.

jigsaw Restaurant

Prepared Salads

Here are the prepared salads and appetizers if you are lazy to make your own salad which is also available. My favorite would be the red kidney beans and the slight spicy sardines (forgot the name!sorry). Other options were grilled pineapple with bell pepper, aloo chaat,  cauliflower salad, spicy cucumber salad, broccoli salad and chicken salad.

Main Course

With the main course available, I love the chilli chicken (right amount of spices), beef brisket with teriyaki sauce (easy to chew and well marinated!) and Malaysian lamb curry that goes well with the rice of course! While the husband was raving about the bok choy with calamari.

Other options are the szechuan vegetable, dal fry, sweet and sour fish, hainan rice, malaysian lamb curry, beef brisket with teriyaki sauce, roasted chicken and chicken tikka.

Asian Buffet Dubai

Asian Themed Buffet Dubai

tom yum soup


Though we barely have no room for desserts :p we made sure to try each one. I like the coconut bread and both we love the banana toffee 🙂 Other options are gulab jamun, caramel apple cake, kaju katil, jalabi, tropical fruit cake, rasmalai, apricot lemon papaya squash, fruits and caramel bread.

Desserts from the Asian themed nightDesserts from the Asian themed nightGuess how I ended my meal? A bowl of Tom yum soup and parathas! WEIRD. Haha :p If only I have noticed it before the other options. I can actually have these two everyday! 🙂

Overall Dining Experience

We had an amazing time in the restaurant. Not only because of the delicious food but also of the kind and helpful staff 🙂 The service was remarkably prompt. It’s a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere that will leave you wanting to come back.

Chef Ali

Ms. Gloria of Avani Hotels

The lovely Ms. Gloria of Avani Hotels

Now, if you need a little comfort these days? Head to the Jigsaw restaurant of Avani Hotels and have a treat for yourself or much better, bring a company with you and start your weekend right 🙂

The Asian Equation Themed buffet is priced at AED 115 per person, soft beverages included.

For Reservations

You may call +9714 601 3952 or email

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Corner Abu Baker Al Siddique and Sallahudin Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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asian buffet dubai restaurant

*We were invited by Avani Hotels. However, all opinions are our own.

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