Arabian Tea House Café at Al Bastakiya

Arabian Tea House Café at Al Bastakiya

In a city like Dubai which is constantly growing and surrounded by skyscrapers, Al Bastakiya is one of the few areas that will remind you of the old days in Dubai. It is an area full of character I must say. Houses have been renovated to maintain their authentic look. Most of them have been turned into shops, restaurants or art galleries. One of the restaurants here is the Arabian Tea House Café. We decided to visit the restaurant one night to treat my brother who was on his vacation.

Ambiance and Look

With the entrance, you can immediately feel the old vibe! Complete with old things like the deep well, accessories like the old looking antique mirrors I’m just in love with its look! You can also smell the Arabic incense by the entrance but not on your dining table, don’t worry.

 Arabian Tea House Cafe

This cafe has a beautiful courtyard setting complete with a lovely big shady tree in the center. You can sit in wood made arm chairs or on benches with cushions. It is well decorated with historical pictures mounted on walls, fresh flowers and a touch of light blue color.

Arabian Tea House Cafe

I like the Arabian light music playing on the background too. It is indeed a great spot for anyone who likes to chill and relax after a long day at work, families like us or even for couples looking for a romantic setting.

Arabian Tea House Cafe (9)

Arabian Tea House Cafe (10)

The overall ambiance and look was charming and makes a pleasant change from the glitz and shopping mall atmosphere of the rest of Dubai.

Arabian Tea House Cafe

Arabian Tea House Cafe

Food & Menu

The two boys wants rice for dinner and looking for Biryani (combination of rice, yoghurt, meat, spices) but the staff told us that it’s not available since they have a lot of customers in the afternoon so we ended up ordering chicken avocado salad, Shish Taouk (mushroom, skewers, chicken, fries, lentil, check image below), chocolate milkshake for the hubby, black tea with vanilla and jasmin, one large water.  

Arabian Tea House Cafe Food

Please do not expect your main food to arrive quickly, just enjoy the lovely teas and atmosphere. The food served in generous portions, it was simple and unpretentious.  They serve fresh bread with incredible hummus which I personally like. I can survive everyday with hot Parata breads! :p 

Arabian Tea House Cafe (3)

The salad and Shish Taoukwas tasty but the fries is a bit salty. We especially loved the tea! 🙂 but my husband is not a fan though since he only likes chocolate drink ALL the time.

Arabian Tea House Cafe Menu


Chicken avocado salad AED 52, Shish Taouk AED 52, chocolate milkshake AED 32, large mineral water, AED 10 and black tea with vanilla and jasmin AED 25. A little costly but worthy. Aside from the main courses, the menu also offers fresh salads, sandwiches, breakfast selections, pastas, kids menu and an incredible range of hot and cold drinks, coffee and teas to brew at your table.

Arabian Tea House Cafe Menu


The service is simply amazing. Staffs are very accommodating and friendly. It’s a good place to sit and talk peacefully as it’s generally not crowded when we visit at night and the staff respects the privacy of their guests.

Arabian Tea House Cafe


Located in the heart of Al Bastakiya area, you can take the metro green line and stop at Al Fahidi station and walk for like 7 to 10 minutes. It is near Dubai Museum.


Try it in November to March as you will be able to enjoy the ambiance and good weather. Open from 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM everyday. Visit their website here.


I might say it’s not perfect because the chairs are heavy and I cannot easily move in or out my sit!haha 🙂 kidding aside, I still need to try the other selections and visit in the afternoon before Dubai heat strikes again. Considering the weather when we visit last December, if you are in a mood to take in some fresh air at the same time enjoys some tea or coffee in a most beautiful not your typical setting then Arabian Tea house Cafe is perfect for you 🙂

Arabian Tea House Cafe Location

*Nothing to disclose, all opinions are our own.

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