First of all, thank you for visiting The Moment Keepers! We are pleased to have you here especially in this section where you perhaps want to know more about us and the blog 🙂

The Blog

In a glance, The Moment Keepers was launched in July 31, 2016 to provide a sleek-looking digital space where we can share all our travel experiences. The idea of having a blog ignited when we start receiving queries from our families and friends like “Where did you stay?”, “Which spot did you take that photo?” or “How much did you spend in this city?”.  So this blog was created in order to provide destination advice, reviews and recommendations, travel tips, photos of beautiful locals and places, and more inspirations on your next travel. I’ve written here on how you can start your own blog in 5 easy steps.

The name The Moment Keepers was taken from Jeremiah’s Instagram bio. I just add an “s” to refer to more than one person. It’s the best word to describe us and our blog since we travel not only to explore places but to experience unforgettable moments that are worth keeping for the rest of our lives.

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The Blogger

Joanna Villanueva

Joanna Villanueva

Hi there! Nice to e-meet you here 🙂 I’m the one who writes 90% of the articles in this blog so I might call myself the blogger. Until now, I’m not used to referring myself as one, haha.. The remaining 10% is for Jeremiah’s photography tips. I graduated a Computer Engineering degree where a part of my knowledge in web development came from. This university introduction landed me a job in web and graphics design. It became one of my passions too! Thus, until now I’m finding ways to practice it through freelance work. Now in a not so boring description, here are some of the facts about me.

  • I’m the eldest child. I’m 29 years old and I’m a Virgo.
  • I can’t swim and scared of deep water. But I can do snorkeling like what I did in Palawan and Maldives 🙂
  • I’m poor in directions as in zero knowledge. I can get lost easily and I will never learn to drive my own.
  • My chicken adobo, carbonara and leche flan are the best. Well, that’s according to my husband, haha..

The Photographer

Jeremiah Villanueva

Jeremiah Villanueva

First, I want to thank my wife for giving me a “space” in this About section. It was such an honor 🙂 As she mentioned above, I’m the one who writes the Beginner’s Guide under photography category. Also, every photography tips she wrote are shared ideas with me. All photos that you see in our blog are captured from my previous Nikon D90, D7100 and my current D810 camera. I would describe myself as a perfectionist when it comes to capturing photos. I keep on shooting until I get the color and mood that I want. It can take some time, yes, but the outcome is all worth it when my wife loves it. Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m an only child. Also a 29 year old and a Capricorn
  • I’m the exact opposite of my wife – a diver, a driver and the eater of everything she prepared for me. Hence, the growing belly.

The Real Life

We’re a married couple from the Philippines, previously tagged as OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) expats who lived and worked in the city of Dubai for the past 7 years from 2010 – 2017. Being based in the UAE before, life became easier in terms of travelling to some exotic Asian countries like India and European countries. You can go to Paris in just 7 hours from Dubai unlike coming from Manila which is 16 hours. While we we’re very grateful to our second home for giving us the ease of traveling, getting visas, job opportunities, delicious food spots, a safe clean environment, beautiful hotels, unforgettable experiences and life lessons, we have decided to leave Dubai, quit our jobs and return to our home country simply because, as cliché it may sound “There’s no place like home”.

We hope to inspire you by sharing our moments of unpredictable travels and fiery passion in photography. For collaborations, questions or you simply want to say hi, let’s connect on Facebook, Instagram or go to our contact page.