A traveler’s dream would be crossing out every item in their bucket list. That’s one of our dreams too! But can you do it without even having a proper list? 🙂 So we decided one day, to create our ultimate travel bucket list.

Going to different countries for nearly two years now, we’d never really created a list of our dream places or activities we want to try. SO LAME I know. When this blog came and seriously started to gain readers and followers, I told my husband that we should have at least a bucket list so we have something worth sharing to you guys. The conversation happened for a few nights while glued with our phones, so I guess it isn’t final. I’ll be updating this when we do a more sensible chat 🙂

Points underlined are already completed and will bring you to our travel stories.                                       

TMK Ultimate Travel Bucket List

    1. Visit 5 out of 7 wonders of the world
      • Machu Picchu, Peru
      • Colosseum, Rome Italy
      • Taj Mahal, Agra India
      • Petra, Jordan
      • Great Wall, China
    2. Witness the Northern Lights of the Arctic – the Aurora Borealis, Iceland
    3. Explore the Grand Canyon, Arizona USA
    4. Stop at the Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Japan
    5. Boat ride along cherry blossom-lined canal, Kyoto Japan
    6. Visit the canals of Amsterdam
    7. Stay at Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali, Indonesia
    8. Snorkel in Maldives

Snorkel in Maldives

    1. Experience the inevitable charm of Prague, Czech Republic
    2. Stay in a water bungalow at Bora Bora, French Polynesia
    3. Taste the best gelato in Venice, Italy
    4. Kayaking in Positano, Italy
    5. Relax at the beach of Koh Tao, Thailand
    6. Eat ice cream at Barcelona Spain
    7. Take a stroll in London
    8. Witness the tuscan sun in Florence, Italy
    9. Sunset in Santorini Greece

Sunsert Santorini OIA

  1. Discover the secrets of the Cinque Terre Italy
  2. Unwind at Seychelles
  3. Go inside the pyramids of Egypt
  4. Discover Marrakesh, Morocco
  5. Get lost in the alleyways of Mykonos, Greece
  6. Photograph the darkness of the Sahara Desert
  7. Explore the city of love, Paris France
  8. Relax at Amanpulo Palawan, Philippines
  9. Get Romantic in Central Park, New York
  10. Enjoy a picnic at Yosemite Park, California
  11. Play with the penguins at Patagonia, Argentina

Central Park Bethesda Fountain Couple

Most of the item I believe seems to be like a dream. But we have a lifetime to fulfill it so I guess it is fine to dream BIG! 🙂 What’s your ultimate travel bucket list? We’d love to know!

Isn’t it fun crossing out an item in your travel bucket list? 🙂