Maldives! How can we ever forget you? Everything about you is perfect. From your crystalline water, sparkling white sand under the clear blue skies, swaying palm trees, freshly caught food, calming breeze of air – you’re a tropical paradise! This was exactly what we daydream most of the days when we leave the beautiful country of Maldives. If only we’ve known the island before our wedding, we would’ve spent our honeymoon here. Sigh.

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic or romantic. – Wikipidea

While we spend a 3 days holiday in the Island, we still thought of how our honeymoon will be completely different if we spend it here. Well, enough of regrets as our Bali trip was halfway amazing too. Don’t make the same regret as we did, choose Maldives for your honeymoon. Here are the reasons why.

Why Choose Maldives for your Honeymoon?

1. Privacy and Seclusion

Unlike many other honeymoon destinations each resort in the country is based on its own private island surrounded by miles of gleaming ocean. It’s in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean making it completely isolated from the maddening crowd, noise or any hustle and bustle. As a honeymoon setting, it doesn’t get better than this.

Maldives Sunrise

Imagine watching the sunrise with your partner while completely alone on one part of the island.

Maldives Couple

The perfect place for PDA =p

2. Ultimate Romance

Without the distracting tourists, here you can truly enjoy not just the unspoiled beauty of nature but also each other’s undisturbed company. You will benefit from the pure romantic setting of the Maldives. Enjoy quiet times holding hands while walking on the warm sandy beaches. Take warm dips in your private lagoon under the moonlight. The raw natural beauty of Maldives helps to create the perfect atmosphere for romance. Felt very romantic while typing this, haha 🙂

Maldives Honeymoon Couple

always happy to be with you!

Couple Snorkeling Maldives

Put on your mask and fins, hold your partner’s hand, and just snorkel into the clear waters.

3. Peaceful Relaxation

After an almost a year of wedding planning you probably want to relax and take time to rest, destress and just enjoy one another. Choosing the Maldives will give you that ultimate peace and relaxation you need. The hustle and bustle of everyday life will fade away, as the comforting views and satisfying spas will relax and calm your nerves.

Maldives Couple Villa

A room with a wonderful view would allow any newlyweds to enjoy life from a different perspective than usual.

Maldives Photography

A simple coffee or tea session with your partner in your private terrace can be intimate.

4. Unparalleled Dining Experiences

After all the walking and sweet nothings on the beach, have a romantic dinner in a lavish wooden deck patio with matching candle light and petals spread on the floor. Picture yourselves as you dine watching the sunset on the horizon or under the starlit skies and a mellow music playing on the background. Is there any more romantic than this?

Maldives Dinner Couple

Romantic Dinner at Paradise Island Resort and Spa, Lankanfinolhu

5. Worthy Pictures to Keep

The scenery alone once you arrive here is going to take your breath away. There are not enough adjectives to describe the beauty of this island making every angle a picturesque backdrop. Beside the fancy wedding photos, what you’ll really look back after years are your honeymoon photos.  You can reminisce all of those intimate moments you have with your partner, those crazy water adventures, fine dining experiences and everything you’ve shared in the beautiful paradise of Maldives.

Maldives Pictorial Couple

you can have a pictorial like this!haha

Maldives Couple Photo

to be with you every sunrise… share it with someone you love!

Choosing your honeymoon location is essential, as it’s a precious time for newlyweds starting life out together. The options are endless, and you may be overwhelmed trying to decide. But we assure you that this beautiful paradise will exceed your desires, and can provide a lasting experience you can share for the rest of your marriage. Don’t miss out the chance to come to this paradise on earth if you ever get the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Thank you Paradise Island Resort and Spa for making it happen. You can read our review here about this beautiful resort.