We’ve never been to Fujairah, an emirate that’s been sitting in our must-visit list in the UAE for years. Finally, last October 13 on a Thursday afternoon we packed our essential things – camera and batteries! 🙂 to spend a night in the emirate and stay at Nour Arjaan by Rotana.

While on the road, I was in great admiration of the Hajar Mountains! gosh! It was so beautiful! I never imagined mountains without trees can be gorgeous. Without further whine, here are the things we did in Fujairah. I’ll be updating this list as soon as we check out the other spots 🙂

1. Get an Amazing View of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Fujairah

The hotel we stayed in – Nour Arjaan is situated just beside the Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Fujairah. After seeing famous mosques in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi, looking this mosque from the outside and from the pool area of the hotel, I can fairly say that the replica can be lined up with these great mosques. As we’re informed, the mosque was not fully constructed and will be open to the public after 2 months.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah as seen from Nour Arjaan hotel

2. Take Awesome Night Photos

The husband who was a fan of night photography takes seriously awesome shots of the city view and the mosque. I was surprised to see that Fujairah has many buildings and looks really good at night! But we loved the fact that the city is quiet and somewhat laid back. It’s exactly what we needed after a tiring week at work. Make sure to book a room in a hotel like Nour Arjaan (it has 28 floors and the tallest building we observed in the city centre).  And get killer shots like this!

3. Check the Artifacts at Fujairah Museum

On our way to Dubai, we decided to drop by two more Fujairah spots including the Fujairah Museum. It is a 5 minutes drive from the hotel. But unfortunately, it was closed! Haha :p Check the opening time before visiting a specific place, we never really learn :p Opening time on a Friday is 2:30 pm.

4. See the Fujairah Fort

Located just beside the Fujairah Museum is the Fujairah Fort. It was so beautiful and Instagram worthy as the Hajar Mountains was behind this oldest Fort of the UAE. We didn’t go inside the Fort but seeing it from the outside is worth doing while in the emirate.

Fujairah Fort

the oldest fort of the UAE

5. Catch a Camel

It’s so refreshing to see bunch of camels while on our way home. A clear proof that we’re still in a desert country! 🙂 I was so happy like a kid! haha! We seriously want to go in a desert safari anytime soon when the weather gets cooler. So my husband’s first experience would be comfortable and unforgettable 🙂


hello there!

6. Stay at a Beach Resort like Fujairah Rotana

To fully enjoy a trip to Fujairah, I would suggest you to book a beach resort like the Fujairah Rotana. We stayed here for 2 nights and enjoy a gastronomic adventure, a relaxing massage,  walk by the beach while overlooking the Hajjar mountains, chill at their two huge pool, or if you’re a thrill seeker, you can opt to do scuba diving, snorkeling and more water sports!

Fujairah Rotana Beach Resort Spa

7. Enjoy the Road Trip and Hajar Mountains Views

Any road trip can be more fun if the views are not boring. It’s exactly what Fujairah can offer to any of its visitors. The majestic view of Hajar Mountains was truly breathtaking and can be a sole reason on any weekend getaway 🙂

And just like that, we returned to our small room in Dubai feeling restarted (yes! like a computer!) :p and ready for another week of work. Certainly, a short break from the usual can bring joy to anyone 🙂

Fujairah things to do

happy me! 🙂