We were searching for the best restaurants in the vibrant city of Barcelona and stumbled upon Spoonik as it was on the top list in Tripadvisor. While the first booking made was a dinner reservation at 9:30 of their famous tasting set menu where diners can experience a one of a kind gastronomic treat (read what others say in Tripadvisor to show you a proof) we have to change the timing to 2 pm as we have limited time in the city. But with the amazing culinary introduction trying out the lunch menu, we’re dying to go back! Here’s our full dining experience at Spoonik.


Situated in the uptown neighborhood of Barcelona, St. Gervasi-Bonanova between General Mitre and Pl. Figuerola, the restaurant is only a few steps from El Putxet metro station. Before heading to Parc Guell, we dropped by at 2pm here to try their lunch set menu.


The first thing that hits us upon entering the restaurant was the colorful and unique decorations. Attention to detail would be an understatement as every single thing here are creative. The plates and glasses have different colors and designs making the dining experience more vibrant. Even the washroom design are smartly decorated. There’s a long bar area and seating area made for groups. The space is cozy providing an elegant atmosphere yet homey as the staff are very welcoming.

Food and Menu

Spoonik cuisines focuses on Latin American with Mediterranean flavors as the two head owner Chefs, Jon and Jaime are from Mexico and Colombia. The set menu priced at 33 euros per person consists of a snack, 2 appetizers, starters, main courses and 2 desserts to choose from which includes a half bottle of red or white wine. You can also choose to have beer, water or soda. Seems like European countries are the right places where it’s totally fine to drink wine in the morning. We opted to have both choices so we can try all the options.

The legumes with cereals and small bread was firstly served along with the starters – a soup called Ajiaco Bogotano which is a Colombian chicken and potato soup with corn accompanied with other 2 kinds of herb. It’s a feel good delicious comfort food and all I need in the cold weather of Barcelona! The lettuce salad with scalloped peppers, mango vinaigrette and mustard was absolutely good too. Can you believe that my husband who wasn’t a fan of salad didn’t bother to share it with me and finish it all.haha..

Next was the appetizers which were too pretty to eat. The perfectly plated Carimañolas Ratatouille and Pibil “Panucho” with pork were both satisfying but if I have to choose I’ll go with the latter. I loved how the meat is soft with a taste of cheese.


In no time, the main courses arrived the table with a bang!  Again, the dishes were presented well and beautifully decorated. The turkey with “mole” and homemade chucrut was cooked to perfection as it was soft, tasty and of interesting fusion of flavor. My husband was raving about the meat as there’s no need for a knife to slice it. My favorite would be the delicious Quinoa risotto with prawns. The taste was more amazing when paired with the Serra Alta white wine.

While we don’t really like to end our meal as we’re enjoying it- the dessert came. A coconut cake and a very unique treat of pear and fennel salad with melon and mint sorbet with coconut crumble. Both certainly made our taste buds in full delight and ended the meal perfectly.

Staff and Service

Along with the top notch dishes was the great service of the staff. Unai who took our order was very knowledgeable explaining each dish. He also asked if we have certain preference. Vegetarians and those who have allergies can informed them while booking a reservation or while there as they can prepare the food according to your liking. Stevan made the dining experience an enjoyable one as he’s always there whenever we asked something even the directions to the park. He gladly helped and so professional in his work. The cooking team and Chef Jaime also allowed my husband in the kitchen to take some photos. Jon and the rest of the team were very kind and professional. Thank you so much guys!

Overall Experience

We can genuinely say that the reviews in Tripadvisor are for real when we experienced and tasted the food in Spoonik. The exceptional food, ambiance along with the highly commendable service of the staff made our dining experience an unforgettable one. We would recommend you guys to try this set menu for an introduction of what they have to offer but surely the dinner tasting set menu was much better. Share your experience with us when you did alright?

Restaurant Details

Address: Carrer de Bertran, 28 Barcelona
Phone reservations: 934 886 484
Email: res@spoonik.com
Website: www.spoonik.com
Social Media: www.facebook.com/spoonikbcn, twitter