Ambiance and Look

We loved the decor and ambiance. We got a great cozy seat away from the crowd where we had our own privacy. Our spot is perfect since we are overlooking the Burj Khalifa and other buildings. It is during cold season in Dubai when we have dinner outside but the area has heaters which are attractively designed. The live musician performing acoustic on the balcony has sweet voice that made our dining extra special.


Food & Menu

We were there for the Thursday evening brunch which is a combination of the Red Grill (Steaks) and Green Spice restaurants and if you like Thai food and steaks then this deal is as sweet as it gets! The Thai food is a buffet and it’s regularly topped up, not a huge buffet though but everything there was delicious. With the Red Grill option it is a-la-carte with a choice of steaks, sides and sauces to choose from. The unlimited steak was so good that you won’t need any sauces! There was also a wide range of potato specialties to compliment the steak from gratin, mashed, and a slew of other sides from asparagus and artichoke to ratatouille.

food sofitel


We bought vouchers via . It cost AED 129 per person for a steak night dinner which is originally AED 199.  The price is affordable since it is an unlimited meal that includes beverages (non-alcoholic) and of course the unlimited steak was the highlight!


The staffs were friendly and helpful that made the experience all better. From calls to confirm the booking, to accommodating a table of 6 and serving the food, I must say they really did a good job.


It was a great dine in experience not only because the food was amazing but the staffs were very accommodating 🙂


Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Downtown Dubai,

Operating Hours: 7 Days a Week 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Phone: +97145036666

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