Photographer: Rye Basul
Camera & Lens/Phone Used: Canon OS 760D + Sigma 17-50mm Lens
Location of Photos: Philippines, Japan, Cambodia

Our eight featured photographer, Rye Basul from Manila, Philippines.

Software Engineer by profession, traveler/artist by heart. Loves to do water color, charcoal and digital painting and now drawn into photography. Originally bought a DSLR camera to document the out-of-town travels of him and his fiancée. He never thought that he would enjoy capturing moments and landscapes this much. Now, he brings his camera wherever he goes.

Photographs of Rye

The shots I submitted are taken during my travels in different places in Philippines, Japan, and Cambodia. First five images are shots in the Philippines, the next three are in Osaka and Kyoto Japan, and last two are in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

What inspires you as a photographer? I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I take a good picture and people appreciate and enjoy looking into them.

Words to share with other photographers/beginners? Just regularly check Instagram and visit accounts related to photography to gather ideas and inspiration in taking shots. Also, attends free workshops and listen to the lectures of seasoned landscape and travel photographers. And don’t forget to keep clicking and enjoy your travels.

Check out more of Rye’s photographs in his Instagram account

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