Travel has continued to be an essential part of our married life. We are both curious about the world and keen about learning. Experiencing things together and giving warm hugs when achieving something spectacular are some advantages of travelling as a couple. But the reality is with our past travels we don’t always compromise and we do annoy each other when traveling. Here are the real struggles we experienced as a couple who loves to travelreal struggles couple travel.

Our Real Struggles Before & During Travel (and Solutions)

1. Packing Space

Just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean that I deserve more of our luggage space. Certainly true! We have separate luggage but there are times that I need to reduce my things EVEN MORE because my husband has more things than mine (camera batteries, power banks, chargers, tripod, cords and all those techy stuff) and his pants/jackets are thicker than my dresses. YES, I always complain on such things before :p

Our Solution: We try to be equal and practical about packing. Sharing space made us both aware of our belongings. This can be really helpful to prevent missing any valuables.

2. Different Personalities

He’s a morning person and I’m not. When travelling, most of the main attractions can be seen if you come very early. It’s always hard for me to wake up early as I need an 8 hours of sleep to function better. So when I lost some of my precious sleep time, there are moments I get irritated on him.

He’s very patient while I easily get bored. Camera/Tripod settings! Ehem! I always protest about how long he spends on taking photos, setting his camera, adjusting tripod or changing lenses. I used to be impatient with such things but I believed now, I’m a changed woman! Haha 🙂

New York Skyline at Night

he took this shot alone for around 30 minutes, I chose to stay inside as it was very cold that night!

He loves animals and I’m scared of any, I can only take care of a gold fish or small birds in cages :p Guess why we never choose any zoo /wildlife safari adventures?

Our Solution: We return to the hotel early if I haven’t got my full sleep. I easily get tired and sick due to a bad weather or contaminated water, lame. With the waiting time when he’s taking photos (talk about long exposure at night!) I keep my mouth shut and make myself busy of something –though I’m not really doing anything and I’m just waiting and waiting :p With our differences, we learned to compromise whenever we are travelling. Of course it always helps when you are in a gorgeous location somewhere around the world 🙂

3. Forget the Romance

When we’re in Greece, and there’s this beautiful sunset in Oia which was gorgeous and magical then it supposed to be romantic right? But because, my husband was busy capturing it, he forgot that he needs to be extra sweet on me! I was a clingy wife and you can’t imagine how much I need attention, haha. Walking the streets of a foreign city, going on tours and visiting attractions all seem like romantic dates already but reality is we tend to forget being sweet to one another as we’re too busy with the unfamiliar places in front of us. The worst thing is when we start acting like friends.

Oia Sunset

here’s the result of my long wait! haha

Our Solution: We made sure not to forget the main reason while we’re traveling – to experience/see things TOGETHER, to build a library of SHARED travel and life experiences. Even though travel can sometimes be difficult and we are busy sightseeing or running around seeing everything, we remember to stop and take time for each other. Just like what we did in New York, we made sure to plan a date on our anniversary day 🙂

4. Uncontrolled Scenarios

I remember when we’re in Istanbul, we got lost in one neighborhood and it was freezing because of snow. Then there’s another time, I forgot some dress and accessories or he can’t find his lens cap, he forgot to wear a jacket then he ended up buying one which is out of the budget, you know – the simple things or the uncontrollable scenarios that’s going to happen before and during travel. These are the stuff that memories are made of that we got angry and annoyed for a minute or for an hour or two.

Our solution: It happens but we learned to calm down and leave it there. Turn the negative to positive one and laugh it out! No bringing it up later to make each other feel bad. It’s unavoidable, so it’s best to just go with the flow and just love and care freely. After all, we only have each other while on the move! 🙂
real struggles couple travel

Aya Sofya Couple

us in front of the stunning Hagia Sophia on a New Year’s day

5. Working on a Holiday

As much as possible, we wanted to enjoy the holiday without thinking about work. But that’s not always the case especially with the husband who’s inclined to check his emails as soon as he arrives in the hotel.
real struggles couple travel
Our solution:  With the short holidays, let’s say 4-7 days. We’d created a rule of not to check any emails or even social media messages. But with the annual leave, we are allowed to.

6. Lost of Independence

One of the disadvantages is that we have both lost some individuality in a way. It’s like we’ve lost a body part when we’re apart even for a day! We are too dependent on each other and often struggle, most in my case. Another disadvantage of constantly spending time together is more likely to find each others bad habits that lead to petty arguments. But that’s all part of married life, c’mon.

Our solution: When traveling, I allow him to leave me in the hotel for him to take night shots. Yes, there are times that I’m too sick or tired to go out at night. I can enjoy some alone time checking my social media accounts and he can enjoy his night shots 🙂 While on the disagreements we always fall back on the word “compromise”. Relationships take a lot of work even when on the road.

Sri Lanka Couple

@Randholee Hotel, Kandy Sri Lanka

Traveling is fun and with your better half, it seems to be more enjoyable and an awesome idea. Talk about cuddles and hilarious moments in new locations. All sounds fun with your partner around. But let’s not pretend that it’s not always an even and romantic ride all the way. Going on a trip as a couple is an extreme learning experience, sometimes comes with arguments, uncontrolled scenarios and more struggles.

The important thing here is that you both know how to compromise, and let travelling together strengthen the relationship. Keep it renewed and exciting 🙂
real struggles couple travel