Layover in Hongkong Disneyland

Layover in Hongkong Disneyland

With our airline of choice, Cathay Pacific gives us the opportunity to visit the happiest place on earth! Hongkong Disneyland! 🙂 Though it’s my second time to visit the place, my heart is beyond excited because I’m with the husband this time around.

It’s easy to travel and visit this country since it doesn’t require any visa. You just need to show your passport and boarding pass at the immigration and you’re good to go. After changing our money to HK dollars, we first dine in this overpriced Japanese restaurant inside the airport which is a mistake we took. Don’t order the kimchi as it was too spicy!haha…and the pork tonkatsu that my husband ordered is unpleasant too plus the fact that the staff are not friendly at all makes me write a bad review about them. Sorry guys, I need to tell only the true stories in this blog :p

We left our hand carried baggage at the airport for our convenience. Paid an extra 120 HKD = 10 hours for them to secure our things. Compared to the cold weather experience we had last December, I searched the country’s weather before our flight and google never fails me, it was very humid that day.

Please bring HK coins before hopping to the bus. It will cost you 1.70 HKD per head going to Kowloon area. When we reached the area where we need to walk and hop onto a train, I was feeling tired and sweaty all over! we just ride the taxi instead up to Disneyland. It will cost you much less to ride the train than a taxi. Go by train if only you have the patience to wait for the long queue.

Bought our tickets online. Here we watched the parade, saw the Golden Mickey, take a lot of selfies, take a kiddy ride and eat a lot. It was 7 pm when we leave the park. We haven’t got the chance to see the fireworks display at 9 pm because I wasn’t feeling well and it’s raining cats and dogs by then. Still, we enjoyed our time at the happiest place on earth. We’ll surely return one day in Hongkong to explore more of it.

We still have 5 hours left when we return to the airport. Took our hand carried luggage and find a sleeping room. Yes, we needed to rest our exhausted bodies badly. And luckily we found a pay-in premium lounge complete with shower, dinner and refreshments. Facilities are like your checking in a hotel room. Cost is fairly expensive though, 600 HKD per head for 3 hours! But we’re very tired so we just pay with close eyes.

Hongkong Lounge

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