Photographer: Natasha Pavlova
Camera & Lens: Canon 550D + 18-55 Canon basic kit lens
Location of Photos: Iguazu Falls, border of Argentina and Brazil

Our second featured photographer, Natasha Pavlova, 32 years old from France.

I am a girl with geography. My parents have been in South Korea for more than a decade, my best friends are scattered across Paris, Vienna, Rome, Dubaï and Ljubljana. Louveteau, with his own collection of passports and geographies, is based in Geneva (according to the legend, at least).

I have left to live my dream and changed five countries of residence over the last nine years (cities geotags sum up to St Petersburg – Helsinki – London – Paris – Fonty – Munich), stayed for two months in Gothenburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen and a small city next to Busan, walked the streets of 39 countries, learnt a lot of from it, flew many times around the world, to finally settle in Paris. And I often think that my life is normal, yes.

At the end of last year I turned thirty two, and more often than not I am happy about it. I have a weakness for educational institutions and, among others, I have studied at LSE in London, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and Université Daphine in Paris. In December 2012, I graduated from the best school in the world, INSEAD, and took off to Munich to work for a, well, big tech company. And now I have finally came back to Paris.

Photographs of Natasha Pavlova

Well, those are the shots from the most inspiring trip of 2016 for me: Iguazu Falls, tucked between Argentina and Brazil, are one of the most enchanting places in the world.

I am a strong believer in collecting moments, not things, and there is nothing that captures moments better than photography. Different kinds of moments, really: soft, almost invisible to others, smile of a couple in love; rainbow over the city that suddenly seems new; foreign countries as we fist see them. Personally, I find people to be the most inspiring photo subjects and I do a lot of portrait photography: as a hobby, for people that make up my small world. When I travel, I take pictures of things that capture my attention in a new place. I hurry to picture them before my eye gets used to them and I stop noticing what seemed remarkable just a few moments ago. I then group the best of my collected memories in posts on some of the places I visited, building my personal treasury of happy memories.

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