Photographer: Alison Armstrong
Camera & Lens: Panasonic DMC – FZ1000
Location of Photos: Mexico

Our first featured photographer, Alison Armstrong from Vancouver, Canada. She’s a 66 year old globe trotter, travel blogger and photographer. Together with her husband Don they started to explore the world in 2011, starting off with Italy.  They have traveled to Spain, India, Bali, Australia, Southeast Asia, Sweden, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Cyprus, and more. Know more about them in their website. Alison delightedly shared her captured photos in Mexico.

Photographs of Alison Armstrong

“I’m inspired by colour and the challenge to capture colour. I’m inspired by the exotic whether it’s birds or flowers or people with a lifestyle radically different from my own. I’m inspired by the ever changing light and the challenge to capture light. I’m always inspired by beauty.”

The first six are from San Miguel de Allende – the streets, a sunset over the town, and at a couple of different festivals. San Miguel is a cultural hub.

*Click  photo to view in full size…

The next five are in La Manzanilla – the birds, the beach, the sunset, the flowers. It’s a very beautiful untouched small fishing village.

The final three are on the beach at Playa del Carmen. It’s a tourist town and the beach is always busy – I decided to play around with camera settings for some more interesting shots.

Check out more of Alison’s work on their website and follow them on Facebook.

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