Photographer: Catherine Fernandez
Camera & Lens/Phone Used: Canon G9
Location of Photos:  New Jersey

Our sixth featured photographer, Catherine Fernandez from Browns Mills, New Jersey.

I have only recently began to explore my home and surrounding towns. I was given a Cannon digital camera by a nephew. I took an unlimited amount of pictures of everything big and small. I began taking pictures of the smallest things in big places ;  what  beautiful  surprises have I found in my own back yard, down the street, and in the nearby town. I truly see the reasons to protect such natural  beauty as to protect the Pine Lands.

Photographs of Catherine

The pictures I have selected for submission are the boldest  in my collective images. The pictures were taken on natural outings. I believe I have submitted images from NJ State Parks. A picture is only a unique part of a collaboration.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – (Margaret Wolfe Hungerford 1878)

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