Photographer: Avadhooth Deshpande
Camera & Lens/Phone Used: Canon 1200D, 55-250mm, 18-55mm
Location of Photos:  India

Our fifth featured photographer, Avadhooth Deshpande from Pune, India.

Away from the hustle of daily life, I repose myself in nature. A passionate traveler, driving enthusiast and a hobbyist photographer in the making. My tryst with photography began when a friend introduced me to this vast field, of varying interests. It has now become a hobby of mine to see the world through the lens. My captures are some humble attempts to exhibit things from a different perspective.

Photographs of Avadhooth

Some captures from my road trip to Spiti Valley, India. A land where the stark mountains rise up to the sun kissed sky, where eagles dare to go and people have nicknamed it the “Hell’s desert”, for its treacherous terrain and roads. A paradise waiting to unfold itself to the seeker.

Water, with its vivid forms amuses me each time I come across it. Be it the sunset at a beach or the majestic waterfall, pouring with its full might or a river (Ganges, India) where people worship it as a symbol of faith, I fall in love with water over and again.

It gives me a sense of joy, when I watch a bird in flight or when it gently perches itself onto a branch. Their melodious calls invoke my senses and make me want to capture their beauty. Have you ever wanted to see the world from above? Fly like a bird and soar in the sky and experience freedom? Go on. Explore the aviary world.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. And I wish to unravel the beauty that exists in all and lies everywhere, through the magic created through the lens. The ever exiting nature and its forms, is the fuel of my engine.

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