Photographer: Judyta Słomian
Camera & Lens/Phone Used: Pentax K-50
Location of Photos: Montenegro, Spain, Poland, Ireland

Our fourth featured photographer, Judyta Słomian from Poland.

I came from Poland but I currently live in beautiful and sunny Barcelona. I travel whenever I can and take photographs whenever I’m inspired and I write about it on my blog. I believe mornings are for coffee and contemplation, life is better in flip-flops and that you should solve a problem when it comes.

Photographs of Judyta

My shots were taken in different places I have traveled to over the last year: mountains in Poland, Montenegro, Ireland and Spain.

It’s very hard to say, I’m inspired by all sorts of different things. By light, people, emotions, situations, landscapes, beauty of nature… Or sometimes just by nice composition of colors or funny and weird objects.

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