Our lavish Friday brunch experience at Dusit Thani made an impressive introduction of each restaurant in the luxury hotel. Thai dishes from Benjarong, the hotel’s award winning signature restaurant are certainly our favorites during the brunch. Bet you’re not surprised at all since we’re Asians :p  It leave us wanting to reserve another table as soon as we can. Until last Thursday our cravings for Thai food has been satisfied. Here’s our dining experience or more appropriate to say – a romantic dinner date at Benjarong 🙂

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Right after work, the husband picked me up and drive all the way to Sheikh Zayed road. If taking the train, it’s around 10 minutes walk from Financial metro station. A valet parking was gladly offered by the staff. Going up to the 24th floor where all the restaurants are situated, i felt excited and yes hungry! Haha


As compared with the brunch where we we’re seated at the Pax restaurant which was bright and more casual, a completely different atmosphere welcomed us at Benjarong. It was dim lighted, elegant and cozy. The used of dark wood, pillars are adorned with gold embellishments and leaf designs. Did i mention that these are real gold?

Benjarong Dusit Thani

We immediately felt like were in a royal place after learning the fact. Guests are dressed smartly casual.

Benjarong which offers royal Thai cuisine though looks elegant displays traditional touches from Thailand like the artworks of the famous floating market. Another clear showcase of Thai culture was the live dance performance and music instruments played by two ladies also added to the pleasant experience. The entertainment variation was pretty admirable too.

Benjarong Dusit Thani

But I must admit that the best thing was to be seated beside the window and gaze with the unobstructed views of Sheikh Zayed road and the remarkable buildings around the hotel. Make sure to have a reservation beforehand as the place was bustling with mostly couples and group of businessmen.

Food and Menu

A huge menu and beverage list was handed to us. While we have difficulties in pronouncing the dishes name, it was very easy to know what we want to order as the menu was cleverly designed. There was a group for set menu, appetizers, soup, salad, main courses, fish, prawn, beef, chicken duck, tofu and vegetables, and rice noodles. It was also indicated if it’s chef’s special, vegetable, spice level or contain nuts. The beverage list consists of fresh juices where we ordered mango and pineapple (AED 35 each), wine and premium champagnes. Mr. Nelson, the restaurant manager was kind and generous to let us try the fresh coconut juice straight from Thailand! Such a warm gesture to start our dining experience.

Benjarong Dusit Thani

If you’re a regular of this blog, you’d probably know that Tom Yum is my favorite. So yes, i made sure to order one but there are a lot of types so I checked the ingredients and i settled for Tom Yum Gai Rue Goong (AED 60) with shrimps, mushroom, chili and roasted chili paste flavored with lime juice. We shared in one order of this but David, the staff advised that it’s good for one person only that I disagree since the servings was generous enough. In no time, the husband finished his share while i was only halfway done. I even reminded this seafood slightly allergic guy not to eat the shrimps but I’m too late. As mentioned before, he is only allergic to seafood that are not fresh (ang arte ng asawa ko!haha). So he’s the ultimate tester whether the food is fresh or not. Certainly, the seafood in this restaurant are all fresh that he had a good night sleep.

Benjarong Dusit Thani

With the appetizer, we ordered Khong Wang Ruammit Benjarong (AED 119) – five kinds of assorted appetizers includes fish cake, rice cracker, shrimp parcel, vegetable spring roll and chicken pandanus. It comes with four types of delightful dips. One tasted like sweet peanuts, next one is a little spicy, and another one is a dark sweet sauce with sesame seeds and a clear sauce. David (the most accommodating staff we’ve ever met in a restaurant!) advised which dip is best for each one. And both we agreed that all are delicious with the rice cracker being last. My favorite if to choose only one was the fish cake and for him was the shrimp parcel.

For the exciting part of our dinner comes the biggest lobster we met in our whole existence! It’s called Goong Mungkorn Benjarong (AED 259) – a chef specialty made of stir fried battered main lobster with roasted chili paste, red onion, bell pepper and sweet basil leaves. Beautifully presented and garnish well with tomatoes, cucumber and carrots it looks so tempting! After the photo sesh, i tasted it like a kid and as expected it’s delicious with the right amount of sweetness and spice. When the husband tried it, guess what? He asked for rice! :p David came to our table and ask if we want rice! We’re astounded by the act, how come this man knew it already. I guess, it’s because our faces was actually shouting for rice. Haha.

Benjarong Dusit Thani

The other main course that we had was Pad Thai (our fave!) – stir fried Thai rice noodles, with tofu, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and tamarind sauce. We opt to have one with chicken which cost AED 72. I’m indicating the prices so you’ll have an idea on your visit or check in Zomato for a complete menu list. Again the dish was plated to perfection and taste absolutely good.

Benjarong Dusit Thani

When it’s time for dessert, we requested to be seated at the private area where we felt more traditional since we removed our shoes and put our legs underneath the table a little higher than the floor. The area is suitable for couple like us or group as there were more seats surrounded the main two seats. We had the Khao Neaw Mamuang (AED 50) – a mango comes with sticky rice flavor with pandanus. You’d know how much we loved sweet mangoes!

Staff and Service

As mentioned earlier, we’ve met the most accommodating staff in Benjarong named David. Actually with our observation all wait staff are attending to guests needs quickly and with a warm smile on their faces. He was so ready to answer to all our many questions and was always on alert stand by when guest needs him. David also cleared our plates and served the dishes immediately. He was checking on us from time to time if we’re enjoying our food and if we need anything. He’s really amazing! 🙂

We also met the great Chef Naruemol who works before in the Royal palace of Thailand. So imagined how meticulous and of royal standard the dishes here! The restaurant and the female Chef have been awarded many times. No surprise as the food was outstanding!

Also we definitely admired the restaurant manager, Mr. Nelson on keeping his team at this impeccable level of service and for the kind attending of our requests. Apart from the scrumptious food, remarkable Dubai views and great ambiance here, the lovely treatment from the staff truly made the dining experience one of a kind.

Overall Experience

Waking up the next day feeling satisfied and thankful, we can genuinely say that we had a great night at the restaurant. Benjarong is one of those few restaurants in the city that everyone should try for its authentic Thai experience in terms of delicious food, great ambiance, attentive staff and awesome service. No doubt, the amazing view of Dubai from here was an added reason too. Thank you so much guys, most specially to Ms. Danelle for without her invitation we wouldn’t experience everything.

For Reservations

Address: 133, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (near Financial metro station)
Opening Hours:  Lunch 12:00 – 15:00   |   Dinner 19:00 – 23:30
Also available for Online Order
Website: Benjarong Restaurant
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
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We we’re invited by the restaurant, however all opinions/photos as always are entirely our own