Broadway Experience: The Lion King Review and Tips Before You Go

Broadway Experience: The Lion King Review and Tips Before You Go

Going to the theatre on Broadway is one of those experiences one cannot skip while in New York. NYC is one of the best places in the world for Broadway shows and you’ll encounter a huge selection of world-class entertainment on a nightly basis. Whether you like comedy, action or drama, you can spoil your interests at a lively Broadway performance.Broadway Experience Lion King Review Tips

Broadway Experience Lion King Review Tips

After our Serendipity anniversary date, we headed to Times Square for our scheduled Broadway show at 2:00 PM. Les Miserables, Wicked and Lion King are the top choices made while planning our itinerary. Considering the fact that it’s going to be our first time watching a Broadway show, it has to be impressive and comprehensible! 🙂 We decided with The Lion King as we’re both fan of this Disney movie, we completely know the story plot and tons of reviews includes it in the top must-watch show. The whole experience was unforgettable. We have the best seats, the cast are incredible, amazing costumes and there was never a dull moment during the show.

The Lion King Review

Memories from our childhood rushed over when the lights off and the opening wail roared through the theatre. The musical songs are performed well loud and clear by incredible singing talents. All the costumes, puppets and sceneries are brought to life by the cast. I can’t believe seeing the animated characters from the movie as humans. There were moments I thought they’re real animals as they moved like one! My favorite character is the narrator Rafiki. Overall, it was an outstanding performance!  Most believed it’s a kid show only but I must say it’s also for the kid that lives in you.

Rafiki The Lion King

Tips Before You Go

1. Make Reservations Online

Make reservations online if you know which show to watch. The most successful shows are easily sold out for short notice buying. We booked our tickets via for $327.20 for both of us. Our seats are in the orchestra section seats 129 & 130 (aisle seats). I would suggest you to seat in the aisle too to see the actors nearer as they pass by during the start and middle of the show. It will also prevent disturbing others when you need to go to the washroom.

2. Check Reviews

Do some research online to get a sense of whether you would enjoy the show or not. Check online reviews for real insights about the show or for possible changes of actors.

3. Plan your Outfit

New York is a fairly chic town that most New Yorkers seem to wear monochromatic colors only – black, gray or dark colors. You probably don’t like gaining attention in your bright yellow dress. But still, select pieces that fit your personal sense of style. Also make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes in this pedestrian-friendly city, as you’ll most likely be doing some walk to or from Broadway theatres, dinner or to transportation.

4. Be Mindful of the Time

Plan to arrive 30 minutes early because there will be a crowd out front and it takes some time to get to your seat and settled. If you’re picking up tickets at the theatre add an extra 15 minutes.


Broadway is definitely the lively beating heart of the NYC’s performing arts scene. The Lion King show is a perfect starter to the theatre world as the familiarity can give you a very entertaining night out. Have you watched any Broadway show? We would love to hear your experience! 🙂

Location: Minskoff Theatre 200 West 45th Street New York, NY 10036Broadway Experience Lion King Review Tips

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meghanramsey1 December 22, 2016 - 5:07 pm

Those are great tips no matter what the show! Great ideas.

The Moment Keepers December 24, 2016 - 8:48 am

Thank Meghan! glad you find this great 🙂 Have a nice day ahead!

Joy Generoso November 22, 2016 - 5:46 pm

We would probably watch all the Broadway shows if we’re in New York. Husband and I are both Broadway fan. 🙂

The Moment Keepers November 26, 2016 - 6:01 am

after watching this, we’re turning into fans too 🙂 lovely day ahead Joy! Thank you for visiting

camsieb September 22, 2016 - 6:47 am

Great tips! I’ve always heard that The Lion King is must see, glad you all enjoyed it.

The Moment Keepers September 24, 2016 - 8:57 am

Hi Camille! It was really fun and we did enjoy it. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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