During the last week of my brother’s vacation, we brought him to Boxpark for a burger treat. It was everyone’s first time at the area though we just live nearby. Oh wait, only my family since we already moved out.

What is Boxpark?

Boxpark is a newly opened area along Al Wasl road in Dubai which offers a selection of retail shops and quirky dining options. From its name, the shops and restaurants designs are made of huge, bright and hip containers.

Big Smoke Burger at Boxpark

Big Smoke Burger at Boxpark

Before our visit, I checked their website and let my brother choose which restaurant he wanted to dine. I also searched the menu and ask the group to pick their order so to lessen the waiting time. Along with the basic classics of chicken and beef burgers, they’ve also got veggie and lamb burgers, a couple of spicy options and several different kinds of specialty cheeses to choose from. In addition to burgers, they’ve got some awesome drinks, sides, salads and even a kids menu.

Big Smoke Burger at Boxpark

It was a weekday when we visited so the parking was just so easy and less crowd. Big Smoke is situated at the end and the first dine in choice you will find at the area. Boxpark ambiance and modern setting is very New York and hippy. I think it’s better if we dine outside but my mother doesn’t feel comfortable with the chilly weather of Dubai. Still we enjoyed our privacy inside since there are only two tables occupied, one was us. The interior design of the restaurant was very manly since they used wood and metals to decorate the walls, tables and ceilings.

Big Smoke Burger at Boxpark

What we order?

We went for their signature burgers, Big Smoke burger, Crazy burger and Craft burger. All are 4oz. My mother had grilled chicken salad. Fries for sides, lemonade for mom, strawberry shake for me, chocolate shake for my husband (as usual) and water for my brother because he’s on diet? Here you are getting a number sign that you put on your table and once your order is ready it will be delivered to you.  Our drinks came soon and the old fashioned strawberry milkshake I had ordered was very tasty. The food presentation on the metal tray is really cool. The fries came served in stainless steel drum. It looks hand cut and had been among the best fried I’d ever had. They had partially still the skin on them which made them even tastier.

My brother’s Crazy burger comes with jalapeño (he’s fond of it), spicy chipotle sauce, coleslaw, bbq sauce, hot peppers and lettuce. My Big Smoke burger has a zingy horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, lettuce and tomato. The craft burger that the husband ordered had sautéed mushrooms which he really likes the most. I take one bite of the craft burger, both were absolutely delicious but I like the Big Smoke more because I feel that it’s juicier. The meat was so perfect, I really can’t find any fault to it. The sizes of the portions looked tiny but enough to make us feel full.

What is Boxpark?

Overall this is a pretty cool burger option which I do highly recommend and certainly will visit again. The value for money is a little above Shake Shack but it is certainly worth the AED 255 in total. I can’t wait to go back to try their Lamb Burger or perhaps the Spicy Burger – decisions, decisions 🙂

HOURS   |    Weekdays  10:00 AM – 12:00 AM    |     Weekend   10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
CONTACTS   |   +971 4 343 6533   |    WEBSITE


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