The subject photography is a dominant topic and a favorite hashtag in social media today. It’s a passion that everyone wants to excel with. Taking photos is an activity that is fun, interesting and frustrating at the same time. Frustrating as you couldn’t get the perfect shot. More when you have a DSLR! Choosing the right gear can be confusing with a lot of cameras available in the market. Don’t worry, we FEEL you and we’re here to guide you every step of the way! 🙂  beginners guide photography choosing camera

As this blog is dedicated to travel and photography, let’s start digging the latter? Doing a short discussion with the husband, we agreed that all post topics related to it will be under his consent. I mean, he should share everything he learned from the beginning until today. And as settled, we’ll be starting on choosing the right camera.
All photos in this post are taken from his Nikon D90 and the main photo has been featured in Nikon Middle East 🙂 (proud wife here!)

Disclaimer: We’re all amateurs here and I’m the SUPER amateur :p The guide below is more of non-technical and simple stuff just like any Beginner’s guide should be.

Beginners Guide Photography Choosing Camera

Here are the factors you need to consider before choosing your gear.

1. Budget

You need to set a budget on how much money you are willing to spend. Know the cost of lenses and accessories too – extra batteries, memory cards, cases, tripods. He has limited budget back then and not really sure where this passion will take him so he set a minimal budget for his first camera.

2. Experience Level

What experience level do you have with cameras? Are you a novice or do you have a slight knowledge about cameras? Do a self-check and determine how much do you know in photography. Then you will know the camera range you need to buy – entry level, midrange or professional. He keeps on telling me that he’s only a hobbyist until now but I strongly disagree with him! He takes really good shots and someone did notice it! He said “Photographers are those who earn their living from their shots.”

3. Photography Genre

What type of photography will you be doing? Portraits? Landscapes? Nature? Macro? Establish what subjects and projects you want to focus on. This will determine what lenses, lighting, and other equipment you will need to buy. He discovered his genre when we came here to Dubai and started to take portraits and landscapes.beginners guide photography choosing camera

4. Camera Types

Do you want an easy to use camera? Point and shoot cameras are just that: you point and shoot. But if you want to get serious on your photography aspirations, a professional camera will do the job. He’s very sure on what he wanted so he bought a DSLR.

5. Camera Brand

Nikons captures very alive images and are good for shooting people and subjects, whereas Canons are great for shooting fashion and sports. Both brands have their fortes but know what you want out of the camera beforehand. His first camera is Nikon D90 back in 2012. He was influenced by most of his friends who tried and tested the same brand. He also tried a Canon once where the grip didn’t feel right. The sound, overall look was not pleasing to him. And the outputs are vivid and look unnatural. Well, these are only in his opinions.

His ending note for everyone who struggles in buying their first camera – it doesn’t matter which camera you owned or end up buying as long as you have the passion, that’s what really matters.

PS: Checkout how his watermark evolves over the years and still haven’t decided until now! 🙂

Are you a photographer too (amateur or pro) and interested to be featured? Please check this post for details.
beginners guide photography choosing camera