Without a doubt Burj Khalifa is an extremely impressive building. It is the tallest building in the world after all! We made a pre booking online for AED 125. It lessens the queue and the expense of paying directly at the counter which cost AED 400! A lot of tourists are visiting the place so you need to check the availability.

After security check, on the way we get a glimpse of the building’s history, facts and figures and a mandatory shot with an edited Burj Khalifa on the background. Then we take a swanky elevator ride up which is one of the amazing experiences we had on that day. As the elevator goes up to an inconceivable height and we barely feel the pressure on our ears!

The moment the doors of the elevator opened at 124th floor, we are stunned! The views are amazing and make you feel that you are looking over some sort of Lego village. You’ll find those nice electronic binoculars so you can zoom in for a better view. You seem to lose track of the time once you reach here. The best time it would appear to go is between 5 and 8pm where it tends to be a little clearer and the dancing fountains at Dubai Mall are in action. We took the time slot of 6pm which gave us a chance to see the panoramic view in both sunlight and city lights.

inside burj khalifa

inside burj khalifa

inside burj khalifa

inside burj khalifa 2

Take Note:

  • Reach the entrance counter at least 15 minutes before your selected time slot. There is a security check and move on to the elevator.
  • Book online and early if you want to go there around sunset since a lot of tourists choose to do the same. See this link for updated prices.
  • Entrance is through Dubai Mall. There are no shops for refreshments at the top, so carry water if required.
  • Although there is a specific time to enter the observatory deck, there is absolutely no rush to return back to ground level. You can stay At the Top for as long as you want.

The elevator ride to the ground level isn’t as thrilling. But the way towards the exit is interesting since it’s filled with information regarding the Burj Khalifa. One particular display that caught our attention was the group photo that shows everyone involved in building the world’s tallest structure, from the higher management up to the clerk staff. Overall, it was a fantastic experience I advise everyone to experience At the Top at least once in a lifetime! 🙂

Burj Khalifa Official Website