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Why the Moment Keepers?

Moment Keepers are people who keep their memories alive through travel and photography. They are the one who doesn’t waste moments that are worth keeping. Please don’t search it in your Webster dictionary as we only create this definition! 🙂 We cannot always rely on our memory as it will weaken over the years. Thus, capturing significant moments in our life and travels has been our way to encapsulate the experience and share it with you. We hope to inspire you by sharing our moments of unpredictable travels and fiery passion in photography.

Who are the Moment Keepers?

We’re Jeremiah and Joanna Villanueva, married couple from the Philippines, expats who live in the city of Dubai for the last 6 years. We’re IT professionals by day, travel bloggers at night and aspiring photographers in between. As passionate travelers we understand completely the desire to see the world and that fascinating thrill of discovering the unfamiliar, who doesn’t love that anyway? But as professionals and a family starter we also understand the importance of being secured with our life goal of having a financial freedom sooner. So let it be known that we don’t travel full time but we do manage to squeeze in a bit of travel and photography during holidays and make the most of our 30 days annual leave. And when we do, we make sure that it’s worth keeping for the rest of our lives.

We are one of those many people around the world who travel and write about experiences. Exceptional experiences we’ve dug out and try to find new ways discovering with, from the most popular to the mainstream destinations. So don’t worry if it’s your first trip to any destination as it was ours too. Isn’t it great to have companions along the way? We would love you to join us in our journey 🙂

What’s in the blog?

You will find our destination advice, reviews and recommendations, travel tips, photos of beautiful locals and places, and more inspirations.

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